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Sounds like a great day on the town… or a great night on the town.

Tour de Cape May

If you’re planning a trip to Cape May for Memorial Day Weekend — or at any point over the summer — you’ll probably want to know where to find our beer.

You could check our Beer Finder, zoom in on the downtown, and go from there. That’s a perfectly acceptable way to do things.

However, we decided to put together this handy-dandy tour of downtown Cape May. Because there’s no better way to plan your visit to America’s Oldest Seaside Resort.

You’ll enjoy this tour day or night, on foot or on a bike, or maybe a surrey, an Uber, or horse and buggy — however you choose to travel through town. If you take some time at each of these eight places, add a small appetizer, and stick to The Bog’s 3.9% ABV when you can, this will be the perfect day at some of Cape May’s best spots.

Harry’s Ocean Bar & Grille

20170814_123002We’ve told you about Harry’s before on the blog — the restaurant associated with the Montreal Hotel — it’s usually everyone’s first stop on a night on the town. Situated a little farther north than most of the bars in town, it’s far enough away from the hustle and bustle of downtown that only the most intrepid of visitors get there. We’ve got three dedicated lines at Harry’s, currently pouring Cape May IPA, Summer Catch, and The Bog. Pro tip: their Smoked Trout dip pairs beautifully with Summer Catch. It’s not to be missed.

Aleathea’s Restaurant


Four-and-a-half blocks up Beach Avenue from Harry’s is Aleathea’s, and their patio dining overlooking the ocean is not to be missed. Fresh fish, steaks, crab cakes, Thai bowl, and fruit del mar are only a few of the highlights of their menu. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each meal is an experience, and with Cape May IPA and Honey Porter on tap, you certainly won’t leave thirsty.


Make a left up Decatur Street to hit up Fins. Tucked away in Cape May’s winding Victorian streets, Fins is an experience each visitor to Cape May should have. With their colorful interior, huge fish tanks, and Coastal Evacuation on tap, their seafood is out-of-this-world. Try their crab dip with a pint of Coastal — you won’t be disappointed.

The Ugly Mug

IMG_0548A few steps away from Fins on Washington Street Mall, you’ll be able to visit The Ugly Mug. We’ve told you about the Mug before — with some 500 mugs hanging from the ceiling, it’s been a fixture of Washington Street long before the pedestrian mall had even been conceived. Try their Lobster Roll with a pint of Cape May IPA.


A block away from the Mug at the corner of Perry and Washington Streets lay Delaney’s. A true Irish Pub, you’ll be sure to find Irish favorites alongside traditional American comfort food, thin crust pizzas, and a raw bar. With Cape May IPA and The Bog on tap, you’ll be sure to find some great food to pair with one of our brews. In fact, their Conch Fritters sound delicious with The Bog!

Cabanas Beach Bar and Grill

20170710_162105Making a left down Perry and another left on Beach — backtracking slightly — will bring you to the place that started it all for Cape May Brewing Company: Cabanas. They were our very first account selling our very first beer — and Cape May IPA is still on tap seven years later. Take in the beach vibe downstairs at Cabanas or head upstairs to the Iron Pier Craft House for a slightly more upscale feel — though only slightly. However, the views of the ocean from upstairs are among the best in Cape May.


Make a right down Beach Ave for less than half a block, and you’ll be at Carney’s door. It doesn’t get much more Irish than Carney’s — their St. Patrick’s Day Polar Bear Plunge is quickly becoming a Cape May tradition. Try their Bang Bang Shrimp with a pint of Cape May IPA — you’ll be glad you did.

IMG_0610 (1)Rusty Nail

Make a right when you leave Carney’s and head south for five blocks and you’ll reach the last stop on our tour, The Rusty Nail. Affectionately referred to as “The Nail,” this place has been hosting surfers and beach bunnies since the 70s. With Cape May IPA and The Bog on tap, the border between indoor spaces and outdoor seating become a little muddled. Their menu of comfort food even has a section for Fido, with a Bowser Beer made from chicken and barley so he doesn’t feel left out.

Sounds like a great day on the town… or a great night on the town. If you do this tour, please let us know in the comments!