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The Topsail Gets Bottled

The latest in our Barrel Aged Series is just coming off the bottling line and into the Brewtique! The Topsail — a sour Blonde ale with rustic, earthy notes and a firm lactic acid presence — has been aging for nine months in the same barrels that carried The Keel. And now, it’s fresh off the line and into your cellar.

And check out that bottle! Graphic Designer Courtney Rosenberg really out-did herself with this one. The muted reds, blues, and tans come together on this gorgeous 750ml canvas, with the red wax really catching the eye.

“I took the colors directly from a picture of the sunset over Delaware Bay, just a few miles from the brewery,” she tells us. “This bottle is my favorite of the series.”

With plenty of Easter Eggs hidden throughout the design, this bottle is sure to keep you interested much longer than the brew will stay around. And when you’ve got all four bottles from the Bottle Aged Series lined up next to each other, you’ll think you’re sitting back on a summer evening, watching the dolphins breach in the Bay.

The Topsail sails into the Brewtique and into select bottle shops beginning February 18th. Be sure to grab a bottle.

In the meantime, whet your whistle with the video below.