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Top Ten Reasons to Visit the Brewtanical Garden

These days, it’s difficult to find a place to hang out with friends over a cold beer. Seating everywhere is limited, it can be a little intimidating, and some places threw a few tables in a back alley and called it “outdoor seating.”

Thankfully, there’s plenty of space down here at the Cape May Airport. We’re lucky enough to have been able to convert some of it into our new Brewtanical Garden!

But, maybe you haven’t had the time to check it out. You’ve probably been busy, working on your new quarantine hobbies, working in your quarantine garden, writing that quarantine novel you’ve finally found the time to write.

Take a break! You totally deserve it.

And we’ve got the top ten reasons for you to try our new Brewtanical Garden!

10. Because it’s an entirely new experience! We love our Tasting Room, but it makes more sense for us to keep it closed for now. Our Beer Garden is awesome, but you’ve probably been there once or twice. So… it’s time to give the Brewtanical Garden a whirl! You definitely won’t be disappointed, and it may become your new favorite spot to drink beer in Cape May!

9. Because you’ve got it made in the shade. Since you can’t cool down inside the Tasting Room, the Brewtanical Garden is the place to be! The trees around the new Brewtanical Garden keep it nice and cool, even when the temperatures are pushing the surface-of-the-sun range.

8. Because you’ll still have enough time to order merchandise and beer-to-go! On Thursdays through Saturdays, our Brewtanical Garden closes at 6pm — 4pm on Sundays — and our Brewtique stays open until 7pm. So, you’ll have enough time to drink your fill and still get your order from the Brewtique before it closes!

7. Because it’s great for families! While we still expect the kiddos to remain at the table, since the tables are so much larger, it’ll be a little easier for you to keep tabs on them. Be sure to check it out on your next family trip!

6. Because you don’t want to go anywhere without your doggo. Your poochie. Your adorable fur baby. They’ve always been pupper non grata inside the Tasting Room — we wouldn’t want any of their fur or dander to get into the beers we’ve got brewing — but, since you don’t have to pass through the Tasting Room to get to the Brewtanical Garden, feel free to bring them along! We’ve even got bowls for their drinking pleasure. (Please don’t fill them with beer. Beer is for people.)

5. Because it’s so peaceful. With the tables spread out as they are and the fact that you’re ensconced by greenery, there isn’t a more peaceful place in Cape May to grab a beer or two.

4. Because it has eight taps! While you’ll find slightly less variety than what you’ll find in the Beer Garden, your favorites will definitely be on tap in the Brewtanical Garden. You’ll be sure to find our core brands like Cape May IPA, Coastal Evacuation, Always Ready, and Cape May White, as well as our summer favorites like Tan Limes, Crushin’ It, The Bog, and The Grove. You certainly won’t go thirsty!

3. Because there’s so much more room! While we’ve got the Beer Garden spread out and delightfully socially distanced, in the Brewtanical Garden, there’s a lot more room for you and your party. You may find that the Beer Garden tends to fill up quickly, but the picnic tables out in the Brewtanical Garden are spacious and seat so many more beer lovers!

2. Because your alternative is sitting at home, staring blankly at the wall, hoping that life might sometime soon return to normal. The Brewtanical Garden is a vast improvement to that.

1. Because you haven’t yet been there! Be sure to check out the new Brewtanical Garden — open Thursday through Saturday, noon to 6pm, Sundays noon to 4pm.


  1. John Kraus

    Summa Down Unda is listed as being available in the beer garden but is not listed here. Will it be available in the garden this weekend?

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      Hey, John! We currently have two “beer gardens”: the Beer Garden, which is accessible through the Tasting Room, and the new Brewtanical Garden, which has its own separate entrance in the grassy/wooded area behind the Tasting Room (and is the subject of this blog). Summa Down Unda will only be available in the Beer Garden, and not in the Brewtanical Garden.

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