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They’ll be gone before the first notes of “Auld Lang Syne”, so stop by the Brewtique to get yours today!

Top Ten Reasons to Make Boughs of Barley Part of Your Holiday Celebration

Over the past few years, our Boughs of Barley has become a holiday tradition, and this year is no exception. 

We took our exceptional Belgian-style quadrupel ale and laid half of it to rest in used Grand Marnier barrels and racked the other half in Portuguese sherry puncheons. The time spent in the Grand Marnier barrels yielded a well-rounded body with strong notes of orange peel and toasted marshmallows, and the Portuguese sherry variant created a beautiful brew with a well-rounded body with strong notes of chocolate and cherries. With a carefully layered grain bill and our favorite fruity Belgian yeast, we’ve created a robust brew for your holiday season. 

And we’ve got the top ten reasons to deck your halls with Boughs of Barley this holiday season.

10. Who wouldn’t want to deck the halls with Boughs of Barley? It’s a Christmas-meets-beer pun! It’s the epitome of dad humor and festivity. 

9. With each variant clocking in over 12% ABV, this is how you want to keep warm this holiday season. While we’ve got a ton of ways to keep warm in the Brewtique, none really compare to a stiff swig of Boughs of Barley.

8. Look at those bottles. Just look at them! You don’t even have to sample what’s inside to find yourself in the Christmas spirit. They’re a festive decoration all on their own!

7. There’s no better tradition than pulling out previous iterations of Boughs of Barley — these beers are made for cellaring and aging. Buy a few bottles of the Portuguese sherry variant and of the Grand Marnier variant, sock them away, and pull them out each year alongside that year’s Boughs of Barley. Your friends and family will love you for it!

6. Yo. We got Grand Marnier barrels. Think about that for a second. First of all, Grand Marnier is délicieux, and second of all… let’s just bask for a moment in the fact that we were able to get our hands on freakin’ Grand Marnier barrels! That’s a Christmas gift in and of itself.

5. Don’t discount those Portuguese sherry puncheons, either! While the Grand Marnier variant is getting a lot of love this season, it means that a lot of people are missing out on the unbelievable deliciosoness that is the Portuguese sherry variant. It’s been described as a liquid chocolate-covered cherry. Who wouldn’t want to get on that?!?

4. They make an excellent gift for the beer lover in your life. Either variant is great, but if you buy both variants in the gift pack, you can get two commemorative glasses in a beautiful gift box, as well. That’s a great gift!

3. These beers pair beautifully with just about any holiday meal. Whether you’re intent on cooking a Christmas goose, a holiday ham, or anything in between, you’ll find that these two variants of Boughs of Barley will bring out the flavors of everything else on your table.

2. Boughs of Barley is a beer that’s made to be shared with friends and family. While your holiday celebrations may look a little different this year, the smaller gatherings you have planned will be even that much better with the addition of Boughs of Barley!

1. They’ll be gone before the first notes of “Auld Lang Syne”, so stop by the Brewtique to get yours today!