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Top Ten Reasons Reasons to Attend Beer Mine, Valentine

Still on the fence about coming to Beer Mine, Valentine, our annual Valentine’s Day party? Well, we’ve got ten reasons for you to get off that fence, take a shower, grab your SO, and come to the party!

IMG_051610. You’ve gotta show your loved ones you love them. And there’s no better way to show someone you love them than with BEER!

9. Free. Caricatures. We’ll have Jennifer Abate in the Tasting Room, drawing you and your bae in your best light. Seriously, though. She was at our company party and she can wield a pencil that can make anyone look like they are livin’ their best life.

8. Glassware. It’s not a CMBC party without glassware and this one’s cool as hell! It’s two hops making a heart. Hops for beer. Hearts for lurve.

7. That Cranberry Good Good. The perfect beer for Valentine’s Day, we took our beloved cranberry shandy, The Bog, and turned it up to eleven. Okay, really, we turned it up to 8. Percent. ABV, that is. We’ll have a limited release that day, and you won’t want to miss it.

6. No loved one? Come meet somebody! Not everyone at the party will be coupled off, you know. You might meet the next love of your life!

5. Beer Name Ale releases that day, too. Our new, 13% Triple IPA, we’ve only got 39 cases! Limit one per customer. Get here early!

4. Cask beer! We’ve got a special brew for our Beer Engine during Beer Mine, Valentine: Honey Porter with freeze-dried strawberries and cocoa nibs.

3. Our special Lover’s flight — sweet as honey and as rich as Valentine’s chocolate: Honey Porter, King Porter Stomp, That Cranberry Good Good, and Apple Bomb. Those are some beers that will be delicious together!

2. Do you have something better to do? No. You don’t. You really don’t. There’s nothing in this world better than a CMBC party! If you have something, cancel it!

1. Because we would LOVE to see you!