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Top Ten Reasons to Go To ACBeerfest

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It’s all happening!

The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival is one of the highlights of the season. Not only are nearly 200 breweries gathered to show off their best brews, but there’s some killer music, food, and activities — all gathered just a few exits north on the Parkway from the brewery.

In case you need more reasons to go, we’ve got ten for you!

  1. Foreshore Shandy. Our fans go crazy for this snow cone-inspired brew, and you’ll get a chance to sample it at Beerfest — a week before we release it to the public.
  2. You haven’t gotten your exercise in for the week, so you’ll want to do the 5K Hops Trot. With six beer-filled stops on the way, you’ll get a running start on the Festival.
  3. YOU CAN THROW A HATCHET! People are always telling you to bury the hatchet, but at AC Beerfest, you’ll be able to toss one… and engage in other activities, including brewing lessons, a Silent Disco, and cooking demos from renowned chefs.
  4. You need to compete in Wing Wars. Sponsored by Wingcraft, you’ll battle it out with a dozen other hungry wing lovers. At the halfway mark of each session, there’ll be three chances to win!
  5. The food. Oh, the food. Atlantic City has some of the best food in South Jersey, and many of AC’s best will be represented.
  6. The CMBC Brew Crew. The Brew Crew will be well-represented at Beerfest, with a number of your favorite staff slated to pour.
  7. Killer music. Seriously. The Descendents, Mighty Mighty BossTones, and Pepper are scheduled to appear on the mainstage, as well as Bigwig, Gutter Drunk, David Earl, John Falco, Stacked Like Pancakes, John Dutton and Aaron Hehl, the Vince & Derek Duo, Rob McMahon, the Quixote Project, Tropidelic, Cheezy and the Crackers, Ill Rendition, Suburban Sensi, Ned Ryerson, Erin Dombrowski & Frank Chase, High School Football Heroes, and Good Look, Sigourney.
  8. Corrosion, Always Ready, and Coastal Evacuation. We’ll be pouring those, too, and if you haven’t had the chance to try Corrosion, you’ll finally get one. Everyone’s been raving about Always Ready, and it’s probably been awhile since you’ve had Coastal — you deserve a refresher. With three sessions of AC Beerfest, you’ll have three chances to give them a try!
  9. Jitneys. They’re how you get around Atlantic City, and you and twelve of your closest friends can rent one so you don’t have to drive. (Or, figure out some other way to cut out the driving. Seriously, don’t drive. Don’t even think about it. You’re going to be drinking — a lot — so find some other way to get to and fro. Uber. Lyft. The train station is right next door. You can literally start your trip in Vancouver and end up right next door — that is, if you left yesterday. The point is… don’t drink and drive.)
  10. Did we mention that there will be nearly 200 breweries….?