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CO2 + sealed aluminum tube = BOOM

Tiny Drink Umbrella

Summer is all about fruit beers. They’re light. They’re refreshing. They make a mean beer cocktail.

Tiny Drink Umbrella is no different. You get a berry explosion in your face with flavors of blueberry and raspberry, and you’re totally going to want a tiny drink umbrella for this one.

However, like The Bog, we’ve got a few caveats on this one, too.

We’ve got this in some awesome-looking 16-ounce cans, but it’s got some of the same unfermented fruit sugars as The Bog — even more, as this smoothie-inspired ale is all about the fruit flavors.

Since it’s also got an amount of live yeast in it, those little buggers could wake up and begin metabolizing the sugars in that brew at any time.

You know how it goes: yeast + sugar = alcohol and CO2.

And CO2 + sealed aluminum tube = BOOM.

We don’t want that. You don’t want that. Let’s not let that happen.

So, like The Bog, we’ve got to keep Tiny Drink Umbrella cold. You’ve also got to drink it in a reasonable amount of time. Don’t age Tiny Drink Umbrella. Drink it now.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • You absolutely must keep this beer cold.
  • We will be releasing approximately 85 cases of Tiny Drink Umbrella.
  • You will only be able to get Tiny Drink Umbrella at our Tasting Room.
  • Doors open on Friday at 11am. Get here early.
  • You can only buy this in person. No holds. No phone orders.
  • Four-packs are $17.99 +tax. Cases are six times that number, $107.94.
  • You are limited to one case per-person.

We’ll see you Saturday!

Bring a cooler.