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“I like this more every time I drink this.”

Ties the Room Together Reviews

Our fan-favorite white cream stout, Ties the Room Together, returns this weekend!

Our homage to all things Big Lebowski, if Gary the bartender had accidentally mixed The Dude’s Caucasian with his oat sodas, this would be the result: a White Russian-inspired cream ale with coffee beans, cocoa nibs, lactose, and vanilla. Like The Dude, Ties the Room Together abides, but that’s just, like, our opinion, man.

Take a look at what other folks had to say!

“Yes, Derek…cream soda! Good with my wings.” — Suzy

“It’s like a vanilla coffee cream ale.” — Kirin

“Sweet vanilla cocoa taste and light gold in color. Very good, would definitely try again.” — Kyle S.

“Dangerously drinkable 8.5%. A nice blend of all the components. Thanks, Joe!” — Kris (We’re not sure what Joe had to do with this.)

“Creamy, light malt, coffee, cocoa, vanilla.” — Dave P.

“Still one of my most favorite beers.” — Jim H.

“I like this more every time I drink it. Make it every year, please.” — Matthew M.

“Pretty gooderino.” — Josh E.

“I didn’t rate this high enough the first time!” — Ron R.

“Last one! It’s so good.” — Daniel M. (We made more! Come ‘n git it!)

“Very well done. The Cocoa Nibs really stand out to me but in a good way.” Stacy W.

“Very tasty, smooth.” — Rich L.

“Such a smooth beer. Nice subtle flavors and still deep.” — Edward B.

“Delicious. Would never know it’s 8.5%.” — Christopher K.

“I like this more every time I drink this.” — Ayden K.

“Honestly surprised by this, thick and extremely smooth.” — Michael B.

“That’s just like, your opinion man.” — Charlie M. (Okay… but what’s yours…?)

“Not bad. The more I drink it the better it gets.” — William J. (If I say that about my wife, she slaps me.)

“There’s a beverage here, man!” — Mackenzie A.

“Still pretty fantastic.” — Adam P.

“Hits all the desired flavors on the head.” — Matt A.

“Tastes like cream soda. I always enjoy a nice wrongly colored stout.” — Mike M.

“This tastes like what a vanilla pipe smells like. This was awesome.” — Doug

“Light coffee. Super enjoyable if you like coffee.” — Ryan B.

“So smooth, so much depth.” — Edward B. (Back for more, Ed?)

“Possibly one of my favorite dessert tasting beers. Smooth, memorable, and I can’t wait to buy 24 instead of 4 next year.” — Corey F.

“I dig it. First white stout with real flavors. Cocoa and creamy sweet.” — David

“Surprisingly loved. Light-colored stout. Sooo good.” — Chris W.

“My first white stout! Definitely a different style but better than I expected.” — Bryce U.

“You definitely taste all the flavors this beer is throwing at you. I like!” — Marc M.

“For such a light color, it’s a very toasty beer! Strong vanilla notes with a hint of coffee. I like it! But that’s just like, my opinion, man.” — Jen S.

“Always a treat to savor one of these. So uniquely hearty, smooth, and tasty.” — Erik B.

“Very unusual. Wasn’t expecting this much coffee and chocolate in a ‘golden’ beer.” — Rick L.


  1. Pat Viverito

    My favorite beer to date. Goes down smooth, and ooh that high octane. Delicious!!

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