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The dude abides....

Ties the Room Together returns!

How many of you Big Lebowski fans have only seen the movie one time?

Exactly. No hands. No one. No one has ever seen The Big Lebowski only one time. Nothing so quotable could possibly pass by with only one viewing.

In that vein, why would we only brew Ties the Room Together once? Even Maude would find that ludicrous.

And we’re pretty sure that most of our fans would agree. The response to Ties the Room Together was overwhelmingly positive.

“Sales and marketing kept getting requests for it throughout the summer, asking when it was coming back,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink. “We had no intention of revisiting it, but the demand seemed too good to pass up. So, like The Dude, we… abided…?”

So, to keep it easy for all us sinners, we brought it back. It’s available in the Tasting Room and is out for distribution now.

Check out the reviews below!

It’s a fun beer. A little out there, very unique, fun to plan and execute, and is very different than our other canned offerings. — Innovation Director Brian Hink

“Uh, excuse me. Mark it zero. Next frame.” FY, This isn’t a zero. Smooth coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. — Matt B.

F*cking A that’s good. — Andrew S.

Not really sweet but definitely layered, creamy and light notes of vanilla. — Jen M.

Big Coffee and Vanilla flavors. A bit too sweet for me but it’s pretty good. — Bob H.

Espresso, vanilla, delicious. — Jessica F.

This is very good and smooth. — Seth S.

Group gave it a ??, like a White Russian. — Martin M. 

Gonna have to queue this up for winter around a fire. — Ryan W.

Loving this white cream stout even in the can. Great flavor and super smooth. — Chuck F.

I actually liked this a lot! The coffee flavors didn’t ruin it. — Pete D.

Smooth and silky. Vanilla for the win! — Eric L.

Look what we found!?!?! So, so good!!! — Rob J.

Pete M.

Love this one. So smooooth!! — Pete M.

White Russian vibes. The dude abides. — Dave M.

Nice smooth, creamy taste. — David G.

Like cream soda but not too sweet. — Tom S.

Shared with 3 friends. They said it’s their new favorite! — Dora the Pooh

Quite different. Cross between cream soda and a stout…. — Joe J.

Excellent! Creamy vanilla sweetness. — Roger D.

That’s tasty. — Tony

Sweet and smooth, then the bitterness shows up late to the party. Like… Milk chocolate with a dark chocolate filling? — Leticia Y.

The dude abides. — Chris L.

Ties the Room Together is out for distribution now. Find a local retailer near you at our Beer Finder. Cheers!


  1. Denise Chapman

    Really an enjoyable beer!! Enjoying at the Dog and Bull I’m Croydon Pa!! Goes down really easy and has a good vanilla and coffee taste! Worth your time! Slainte!

  2. what a wonderful beer!
    Please, pretty please!! – keep abiding

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