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Three Releases This Week!

Good things come in threes, right?

First up is this week’s Wednesday One-Off. Conceived by JP Thomas, our new manager of culinary special ops, and out January 20, it’s the Turtle Gut Shaken Not Stirred, aka our Turtle Gut American sour infused with olive juice and even served with an olive. (Need a refresher on where the name Turtle Gut came from? See here.) Operations Manager Ashley Sundstrom calls it a “Dirty Turtle.” Our beertenders call it “going fast.” Think malty sweetness, sharp acidity, and a little something extra.

“The salty and sour go so well together,” JP says. “And that plays a trick on the tongue that makes it taste sweet.”

Then, for the first time since August, Poverty Beach is coming back. On January 21, this bold but easy-drinking Belgian IPA with spicy undertones will be available again — in all its citrusy, Centennial hop glory. Expect a pillowy head, an effervescent mouthfeel, and… sorry, what we’re we saying? Now we’re thirsty.

It’s no secret that IPA is a style craft brewers love to tinker with. See: American, English and Imperial iterations. So what’s the deal with the Belgian prefix? This subgroup is the result of fermenting IPA with Belgian yeast, allowing for fruitier esters.

Our final product “tastes like a delicious blend of Coastal Evacuation and Devil’s Reach,” Chris says. Plus, it’s named for Cape May’s beautiful surfing beach on the east end of town, so you know it’s got to be good. ABV is 5.5%.

Our next release, out January 23, is the bomb — Apple Bomb, that is. This wheat beer is one of our flagships, and it’s gone through a bit of tweaking. Inspired by the tasty apple butter homemade every year by Chris’ mom, we first made the brew by cooking down fresh apples and fermenting them with apple juice.

And then our tank exploded.

We *may* have underestimated how quickly 55 gallons of apple juice ferment. But there’s no use in crying over spilled milk (or overflowing beer foam, as the case may be). After all, the incident inspired the beer’s name.

Over the years, we’ve refined the recipe. The final product? An 8% ABV brew that is most definitely NOT a cider. No alcoholic apple juice here.

In the words of Chris: “This still tastes like a beer.”

Stop by, try them all, and let us know which style you like best.

PS – Next week’s one-off? Smoked IPA, coming at you January 27.

Poverty Beach: not just for surfing anymore.
Poverty Beach: not just for surfing anymore.