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Three Releases This Week!

No, the record isn’t skipping. This is the third week in a row we’ve brought you three new things to sip.

First up is our One-Off Wednesday: Lemongrass Ginger Devil’s Reach, for which fresh lemongrass and fresh ginger have been infused into our flagship Belgian Strong Ale. The sweetness of these Asian flavors helps “balance out the intense finish of the beer,” says Manager of Culinary Special Ops JP Thomas.

On deck is Concrete Ship. It’s a BIG beer (ahem, 9.2%) named for a BIG ship, the 3,000-ton, half-sunk, World War I-era SS Atlantus that ran aground 150 feet from Cape May’s Sunset Beach. (The sinking part isn’t all that surprising when you consider it was made of concrete… we wrote more on that here.)

This Imperial Stout is rich and layered with flavors of coffee, dark chocolate and roasted malt. It’s so decadent, we like to think we wouldn’t mind going down with the ship, as long as this were on board.

“It’s a good sipping beer,” says Chris. “Think of it as your digestif, dessert in a glass.”

Concrete Ship is on tap starting February 4 at noon.

And for the dry dude or sober sister in your group, we’ve got a Habanero Mango soda, also on tap beginning February 4, in which the tropical notes of real habaneros complement the fresh fruit. No worries for the spice adverse; the soda has been strained over top of the peppers’ seeds – aka, the keepers of the kick — and not infused with them.

“The final product gives you just a little tingle on the lips,” JP says.

"It's the best one yet!" says CMBC's account guru Nakeya Barreto of the Mango Habanero soda
“It’s the best one yet!” says CMBC’s account guru Nakeya Barreto of the Mango Habanero soda