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Things You Should Know Before Drinking This Thanksgiving

This holiday may be all about the bird – and, you know, the gratitude – but beer should also play a starring role. Here’s why:

Credit drinkingmadeeasy.com
Credit drinkingmadeeasy.com

Pilgrims loved beer.

There’s a legend that the pilgrims only came ashore when their alcohol ran dry… funny, but also grounded in fact. Water was not safe to consume aboard the Mayflower, so beer was clutch. Enter tipsy English separatists. Remember: if your cornucopia is full of craft this holiday season, you’re only following tradition.

Native Americans also enjoyed beer.

It’s been long believed that colonists introduced American Indians to brewing, but recent studies suggest they already had it down, with corn as a main ingredient.

We’re making something special for Drinksgiving.

Traditionally, the day before Thanksgiving is the heaviest drinking day of the year. Of course, our customers aren’t looking to get wild — they prefer to remember the beer they’re drinking. So we recommend picking up a growler of something fun to sip with the extended family. Enter our One-Off Wednesday concoction for next week. We’re calling it Apple Pie, as this is our Apple Bomb brew conditioned with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and vanilla. It will hold you over through the holiday, since we’re closed on Thanksgiving. And it’s an appropriate choice, considering the libations served by Native Americans that first Thanksgiving season were likely also apple heavy.

And we’ve got growlers full of The Bog.

This is the beer on our menu — a cranberry wheat-based brew — that goes best with turkey, according to Head Brewer Brian Hink. “It’s light and refreshing with a bit of sweetness, so it goes well with the whole savory, rich, buttery feast,” he says. The Bog also pairs well with turducken, in case that’s more your speed.


Or, at least, it should. At last count, there were over 4,000 craft breweries across America, meaning we’ve got an endless supply of innovative options at our fingertips. And that’s one heck of a reason to toast before a turkey dinner, don’t you think?