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“An instant boozy hit, super-hoppy tropical and citrus fruit flavours with marked piney bitterness to finish."

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ready for our first release of the new year? 

Ok, so technically you can SNAG this one a day early from the Cape May Tasting Room, making it our last can release of the year, but it’s almost January, and January means Snag & Drop season!

Like many of our favorites here at Cape May Brewing Company, Snag & Drop actually got its start as a Brew Crew creation.

The beer’s name comes from a striper bass fishing term. In the Delaware Bay, large schools of what are known as bunker or bait fish gather, and you can take a snag hook, or a weighted treble hook, and toss it out and whip it around in the hopes of “snagging” one of these fish. This catch will start to fall away from the rest of the school once it’s hooked, and usually gets swiped up by a striper, which will get caught on the hidden hook.

It’s a pretty apt name, because Snag & Drop is deceptively delicious and easy to drink.

After all, it packs a TON of hop character into a neat, balanced package. You won’t even realize it’s 10% ABV until it’s too late! It’s one of our favorites, and it’s a beer that has snagged a number of our crew members who wouldn’t otherwise call themselves hop fans. 

Yep, it’s that cool. 

Here’s some of our favorite reactions that folks have had after trying this one:

“The force is strong with this one! You don’t taste the alcohol, but you sure do feel it!”

 — Michael R.

“Hoppy, but relatively pleasant and smooth. Not overly powerful for a triple.”

 — Jayo

“An instant boozy hit, super-hoppy tropical and citrus fruit flavours with marked piney bitterness to finish. The bitterness mellows as you get further in.” 

Katy E.

“Yeah, this is dangerous stuff, man. It had a bit of heat on the nose, but it drinks super easy. It’s 10%, but it’s drinking like water.” 

Massive Beer Reviews

“16 ounces of happiness.” 

Jeff K.

“Hard to believe this is a triple. It’s going down way too easy. The orange is very nice.” 

Pat G.

Snag & Drop is available now in the Cape May Tasting Room and Brewtique on draft and in cans or growlers to-go. Starting Monday, January 3rd, you can find it on draft and in cans throughout New Jersey. The following week, you can find cans at retailers near you in Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania. Check our Beer Finder to find locations that carry our brews near you!