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The Lowdown on Demisemi

“Where can I get Demisemi?”

That’s the question on everyone’s lips these days. So, we’ve compiled everything CMBC fans and ‘Nova Nation needs to know about how to get some Demisemi on your lips.


(Not to be confused with Tide Table)

NOWOn Villanova’s campus

Villanova received their first shipment of this celebrated brew at the beginning of the year, and have already been serving it at events. You can get some in the Donor Lounge at The Pavilion during home games. They’ll also be serving Demisemi at the Student Gala celebrating the school’s 175th anniversary. VU students only, sorry! In addition, you can find Demisemi at next month’s Theology on Tap on the 21st, hosted by President Fr. Peter Donohue, in the President’s Lounge in Connelly Center.

‘Nova bars on the Main Line

As of Monday, Kelly’s Taproom in Bryn Mawr was pouring Demisemi. Kelly’s is up the street from Villanova, has been around since the 60s, and, in some way or another, each student who goes through Villanova ends up there at least once during their college careers. They tapped their first keg of Demisemi on Monday, while the ‘Cats forced the Seton Hall Pirates to walk the plank. It’s possible that it’s still on tap there, but you may want to give them a call: (610) 520-9344.

Bars, pubs, and restaurants throughout the Philadelphia area

The best way to keep informed of what’s going on in Philadelphia is the Philly Tap Finder. At press time, Demisemi hasn’t been updated there, but you can check back. Or, when in doubt, give a call to your favorite watering hole!

January 25thCape May Brewing Company

We’re releasing Demisemi on tap at the Tasting Room and in bottles in the Brewtique at noon on the 25th: 6-packs will be $12, and cases $42. At the moment, there is a ONE CASE PER PERSON, PER DAY limit on bottles, so bring a friend! We anticipate lifting this limit in the very near future, but with demand being as high as it is, we want to make sure everyone gets a taste.

Coincidentally, that’s our Pint Night to support the Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation. Villanova grad, Cubs outfielder, and general, all-around great guy Matt Szczur will be in attendance from 5-8pm, helping us to raise money and awareness for a cause that’s close to his heart.

January 27th Cape May Convention Hall, 2nd Annual Szcz the Day Dinner

It’s our first sponsorship of the year, and we couldn’t have picked a better event. Matt Szczur is hosting this event at Cape May Convention Hall, benefitting the Andy Talley Foundation. This exclusive dinner has been sold out for weeks, so we hope you already got your tickets! For more information, see here.

January 30thYour favorite NJ Bottle Shops and bars

We’re distributing to our wholesale accounts later in the week. If your favorite bottle shop stocks CMBC brews, Demisemi should be rolling in there by the end of January or the beginning of February.

March 21Cloverleaf Tavern Tap Takeover, Caldwell, NJ

The Cloverleaf has 28 taps, and we’re taking over ALL OF THEM. This is the farthest north we go (and it’s once a year!), so all northern ‘Nova fans should probably put this one on their calendars. Typically, the Cloverleaf will do growler fills for events such as this either late in the evening or the next day, so you may be able to get your growler filled.

At the moment, CMBC is only able to distribute to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There are laws governing the distribution of alcohol, and we follow them. Unfortunately, that means that we’re unable to ship direct-to-consumer, as well. (If you’d like to see those laws changed — and we don’t blame you! — contact your legislators.)

The good news is that this brew will be available all year long. We know you’re dying to get a taste right now, but you’ve got another eleven-and-a-half months to get your hands on a bottle. We promise, it’s not going away anytime soon.

Bear in mind that, for tap accounts, we only know venues to which Demisemi has been sold. We simply don’t have a mechanism for keeping track of when the brew is tapped. Check with the bar or restaurant to see if it’s pouring yet. Give them a call or check their social media and websites.

Regardless, we’ll be keeping you updated all year — at Straight to the Pint, on our Facebook page, and through Twitter and Instagram. In addition, we’ve got a dedicated page on our website at capemaybrewery.com/villanova. Check back!


  1. Where can you buy the demisemi in six-packs or a case near Villanova? Thank you!

    1. At the moment, the only bottle distribution in Pennsylvania is to the University. In fact, the only CMBC bottles available anywhere in Pennsylvania are on Villanova’s campus. Otherwise, our current distribution in PA is only to tap accounts.

      However, we will be brewing Demisemi throughout all of 2017, and we currently have nascent plans to expand bottle distribution to Pennsylvania. We hope to be able to get it to you sooner than later. In the meantime, you’ll have to hike it over a bridge to get some bottles.

      If you just can’t wait for Demisemi — and we don’t blame you! — swing down to the brewery on Wednesday! The Pint Night will be a great time, you’ll be able to meet Matt Szczur and pick up a case of Demisemi, and you’ll be helping a very worthy cause.

    1. Not until Wednesday, the 25th. At that point, it’ll be available in our Tasting Room. It will be distributed throughout our NJ accounts beginning January 30th.

  2. Do you have any accounts carrying Demisemi in the S. Jersey/Cherry Hill area (Total Wine, Roger Wilco, Canals, etc)?

    1. Bottle distribution to New Jersey accounts begins Monday. All of our accounts will be receiving a limited quantity. Your best bet is to contact your favorite bottle shop and ask them for their schedule and plans for Demisemi.

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