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The List: What In-The-Know Drinkers Will Be Talking About This Weekend

1. Fortune magazine has rounded up the wackiest beers out there, including that one brewed with whale testicles smoked in sheep poop…

The beauty beer. Via Forbes.
The beauty beer. Via Forbes.

2. After a battle that lasted three years, a unanimous decision has been made: craft brewers in Florida are finally allowed to sell their beer inhalf-gallon growlers. Now the only state holding out? Utah.

3. The Atlantic breaks it down: the fascinating history of the beer garden… and why fire played a part.

4. A Japanese company is marketing their beer to women as a beauty product because it’s made with wrinkle-fighting collagen, but the science isn’t pretty.

5. Gizmodo says beer cocktails are now the thing to drink… if you don’t want to get blotto.

6. Gone are the days of kitchen counter beer pong – an enterprising Canadian named Jeff Nybo has invented a tricked-out table that keeps score for you, complete with ball washers.

7. Technology monolith Apple had a #beerbash for Earth Day and Pharrell Williams performed while CEO Tim Cook and former VP Al Gore danced along.

8. We all scream for ice cream… and some of us scream about it. Ben and Jerry’s has teamed up with Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing for the making of a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. “It’s bad for children who will start looking at beer as the next step after ice cream,” says Bruce Lee Livingston, CEO of Alcohol Justice watchdog group.

9. Scotland’s BrewDog brewery – self-described “beacon of non-conformity in an increasingly monotone corporate desert” — is planning to launch a “Beer Hotel” in which the company’s own beers will be on tap… in the bedrooms.

10. More than any other sport, major league soccer shares the same fan demographic as craft beer: millenials. Which explains why MLS is the only sport that doesn’t treat craft beer “like third-class citizens.”

11. A Wisconsin woman broke into a house to steal beer, cheese and perfume. “The pungent robber is being held on a tentative charge of burglary,” reports The Daily Mail.

12. Not one but THREE baseball fans used their beers to catch fly balls this week. “With the rough chances of catching a foul ball sitting at one in 1,189,” reports mlb.com, “the odds of catching one in a full beer is (carry the two, multiply by the remainder …) are much smaller than that.” In unrelated news, sports fans may soon be pouring their own drinks thanks to “beer robots.”