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The List: What In-The-Know Drinkers Will Be Talking About This Weekend

1. It’s no secret that faceless macro breweries like Anheuser-Bush have been buying up craft breweries. Now, former Harpoon CEO Rich Doyle is offering some of the companies on the verge of, uh, sell-out another option: acquisition by his new venture, Enjoy Beer LLC, which promises to maintain an operation’s original character.

2. Powdered alcohol is creating quite the stir.

3. More and more colleges are offering majors in brewing-related fields of study, says NPR. “While people have been making beer for books
thousands of years, science has transformed it,” the article reads. “And students who set out to learn the science of beer might just end up improving science itself. Brewers have helped to shape fields from microbiology to statistics. And you can thank beer for the pH scale — the chemist who created it worked for the Danish brewer Carlsberg.”

jason4. Country star Jason Aldean was hit with a flying beer cup while on stage at his concert in Wichita, Kansas last Thursday. The perpetrator was only looking to grab the singer’s attention, he says, so that he might alert him to his friend’s recent engagement. Though it “took everything I had not to kick that guy’s teeth out,” Aldean is not pressing charges. No news on what type of beer was in the cup. Also on Thursday, Jimmy Fallon chugged a beer — but not very well — at the Yankees game.

5. In weird marketing strategy 101, Anheuser-Bush is now hawking not just it’s own beer but… any beer.

6. Congress is still divided over The Small BREW Act, which would cut taxes for small brewers, and its competing bill, The Fair BEER Act, says Politico. We first wrote about those here.

7. Mellenials are making headlines again, this time for being way into festivals that serve beer, wine and food, reports Forbes.

8. Four Louisiana college teens on their way to the beach were busted with 1,800(!) cans of beer (plus liquor and wine) last Monday. In unrelated news, one hotel is waking up hungover spring breakers by playing The Lion King music at 11am, ie checkout time.


9. Coming up this week is the country’s largest gathering of its type, the Craft Brewers Conference. At least 10,000 are going, including CMB Brew Master Brian Hink.

10. Beer ice cream sundaes aren’t just a thing, but a thing worth having, says Bloomberg Business. Speaking of food, one brewery is using its leftover ingredients for making pasta.