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The List: What In-The-Know Drinkers Will Be Talking About This Weekend

1. American rock band 311 is releasing their own craft beer. Appropriately, it’s an amber ale, because amber is the color of your energy…

mars one2. People have volunteered for a one-way ticket to Mars as part of 2025’s Mars One project, and their stories are going viral. Good news for those selected: they can grow hops there. We know this thanks to a recent experiment using ORBITEC JSC MARS-1A REGOLITH SIMULANT, aka Mars dirt. “We hope to make the planet just slightly more appealing,” says researcher Kellie Gerardi.

3. Budweiser is losing their battle with craft beer, reports The New York Post. “We have been repositioning the brand and making it more relevant for younger adults, but it’s not an easy task,” says CFO Felipe Dutra. However, Bud also announced this week a huge boost in annual sales — we’re talking 5.9% — thanks to this year’s World Cup, of which parent company Anheuser-Busch In-Bev was a major sponsor.

Live Long and prosper with this Irish red brewed to honor he Vulcan homeland
Live Long and prosper with this Irish red brewed to honor the Vulcan homeland

4. Leonard Nimoy — who played Spock on “Star Trek” — has passed away at the age of 83. If you’re going to cheers to Leonard this weekend, consider doing it with a brew from Federation of Beer, whose goal is to unite trekkies and craft beer lovers with Klingon-inspired recipes.

5. Monarch Beverage, Indiana’s largest beer and wine distributor, is in hot water for allegedly making illegal campaign contributions to state lawmakers. Representing such big-brand names as Miller Coors and Corona Lite, Monarch’s accusations come at a time when Congress has contentious booze-related bills on its docket, including Indiana HB 1053, which would allow combo microbreweries/farm wineries/distilleries to sell libations from each arm of the business at one bar. One-stop shopping at its finest.

6. Llamas were on the loose yesterday, and the internet was in a tizzy over it. While we don’t have llamas in Cape May, we do have an alpaca farm, and it’s exactly 5.4 miles from CMB.

7. Australian actress Margot Robbie kicked Jimmy Fallon’s ass on The Tonight Show Thursday night in a game of Flip Cup. We don’t know what kind of beer was in those cups, but we like to think it was Devil’s Reach.

8. Senator James Inhofe — who will likely oppose the Small BREW Act, as one of his major campaign contributors is the National Beer Wholesalers Association — threw a snowball on the Senate floor this week. That’s right, a snowball. And on that note… time for a beer!