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The Homebrew Lowdown

Americans are having a love affair, and the mistress is homebrewing.

According to the most recent research, a survey spanning 48 states that was conducted by the American Brewers Association, collective revenue at homebrew supply shops increased by 10% last year, thanks to 1.2 million homebrewing homies. Many of these men and women are newbies – 2014 saw a 24% increase in sales of beginner kits.

Of course, there are inventors who will try capitalizing on this love affair. We’re thinking of the fully automated systems that reduce the whole process to the push of a button, taking the, uh, brewing out of brewing. (What’s the point of THAT?)

But for those sweating it out over stock pots and mini fermenters, risking the potential for “bottle bombs,” we salute you. Yes, we all love craft beer. But we think the homebrew surge goes beyond that. We think it reflects a growing desire for authenticity, tactile experience and – okay, sure — tasty beverages.

So we thought we’d pass along a helpful iconographic we found on nextdoorselfstorage.com regarding your trusty supplies. See below, homebrew heroes!

Oh, and just a piece of advice re those bottle bombs: let your beer ferment completely before packaging — at least two weeks, longer for brews with high-sugar content.  This way, you avoid fermentation finishing off in the bottle, where CO2 can build up to a dangerous level.

Ain’t no grenade like a stout grenade.