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"A taste of summer!"

The Bog Reviews 2020

The summer season is in full swing, and the reviews for The Bog are in: it’s the beer of the summer!

Our incredible cranberry shandy blended with lemonade, The Bog is vibrant and refreshing while still packing tons of flavor. With a low ABV of 3.9%, it’s refreshing enough for the quickly increasing temperatures in the area while keeping the alcohol content low enough to drink all day long.

We checked out Untappd to see what our fans had to say about The Bog this year, and they’re definitely loving it!

“Back to The Bog again.” — Ryan

“Fave summer beer, missing the pool, but great to social distance hang out with Doug K. and Justine!” — Tom (Thanks for being responsible, Tom! — ed.)

“Wildwood doing it right with the “to-go” cans!” — Jon M.

“Same as last check-in, it’s like cranberry juice with a kick.” — Joe L.

“Can’t lie, it’s dang good.” — Nick M.

“Delicious. Light summer, citrus flavor.” — Ally B.

“MDW ??????” — Steve M.

“Not bad…tart and refreshing.” — Dave R.

“Continuing the yumminess of day drinking.” — Bamby B.

“Super tasty with OJ for our Memorial Day Bogmosas.” — Andrew T.

“Very light and refreshing. Not overpowering with the cranberries….” — Chuck

“What even is this? Is it a shandy? Is it alcoholic soda? I dunno but it damn well tastes good! Plenty sweet, lots of cranberry; don’t be surprised if you drink a whole six-pack in one sitting.” — Daniel K.

“First of the season. Such a wonderful beer.” — Tonight’s Beer Is (That’s an odd name. Your parents pretty much charted your course, didn’t they? — ed.)

“The ultimate shandy. Best for summer fun.” — Tyler O.

“Can’t stop, won’t stop.” — Carol F.

“Yum!” — Jenny C.

“Cools ya down on a warm night and excites the tastebuds. Great summer beverage.” — Brendan S.

“A little bit wheaty, but a giant heap of sweet lemon and cranberry. It’s a totally great Radler for the summer, even if it’s all indoors.” — Jason S. (Don’t give up on this summer yet, Jason! Have faith! — ed.)

“Sweet, very light.” — Justine J.

“A taste of summer!” — Ron S.

“Delicious and crushable as always….” — Rob C.

“Superrr good. Just the right amount of sweet” — Jen C.

“Post golf, warm day. Grill going. Could have about 50 of these.” — Scott H. (Who’s stopping you, brother? Tell us. We’ll have some words. — ed.)

“Perfect birthday beer! #feelingcelebratory” — Dan P. (Happy birthday, Dan! — ed.)

“Very good for a low percentage shandy.” — Cody H.

“Tastes like summer.” — Carly C.

“Ahhhhhh perfect day drinking beer!” — Bamby B.

“Tastes like a cranberry juice cocktail! Could definitely crush this on a summer day.” — Sam S.

“So light and refreshing.” — Sarah McG.

“I love this…” — Milo H.

“Nice refreshing beer..” — Cd C.

“Easy work – smooth.” — Tom F.

“Delightful” — Mark K.

“Crushable” — Joe V.

“Enjoying it more and more with every day drink.” — Andrew F.

“This is one of my favorites. Top 5 for sure. So refreshing and easy drinking.” — Steve Z.

The Bog is only one of CMBC’s beers that you’ll need this summer. Be sure to stock up by ordering online for curbside pickup or delivery or check out our Beer Finder for a retailer near you!


  1. Janet Darcy

    The Bog is my new favorite beer. Perfect in a chilled glass to just sit and savor each and every sip. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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