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The Arrival Of The Misty Dawn Saison

You know how magazines brought out their March issues in early February? And department stores started selling bathing suits in winter (likely the reason sales rep Justin Vitti has been hitting up cross-fit with a vengeance)? The beer industry is no different.

It’s a race.

Manufacturers assume you’ll stick to the first seasonal beer you try, which is why you see pumpkin brews lining shelves in August, or heavy winter stouts being poured on Halloween. Madness.

Whatever happened to delayed gratification?

So take a break from whatever spring concoction you started drinking in… what, January? And get thee to the tasting room today. We’re releasing our Misty Dawn Saison — formerly the Cape May Saison — and it’s the perfect season kickoff. Right around the time that, you know, the season’s kicking off…

Saisons got their start in a French-speaking region of southern Belgium in the 19th century. At this time, when water wasn’t always safe for drinking, farmers would give the refreshing beers to their workers for hydration. Each farmer had his own recipe, usually dictated by “whatever he had leftover in the barn,” explains Chris.

So, save for their dry flavor profiles and no-nonsense yeast strains that “could probably ferment a Volvo,” saisons have always been a loosely-defined style.

It’s why our brew team loves them so much… they’re a blank canvas. A blank canvas we’re choosing to make fruity and spicy, thanks to the addition of coriander, sweet orange peel and lots of Saaz hops, which lend an earthly aroma.

Come taste it (on tap starting today!), and remember: when it comes to trying something new, it’s never too early.

Misty Dawn, in all her glory...
Misty Dawn, in all her glory…