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“Imperial Cranberry (Bog) Shandy? Sign me up!”

That Cranberry Good Good Is Back!

One of the best things about this business is that we get to do things simply because we want to.

The Bog is certainly a good beer. Some may even say that it’s their favorite beer. We definitely love it, but last year we decided to have some fun with it.

So… we kicked it up a notch. Well, from an ABV standpoint, we kicked it up four notches — okay, 4.1 –, turning our beloved cranberry shandy into an Imperial cranberry shandy. We all needed some of That Cranberry Good Good.

Find out what people are saying about it!

“Imperial Cranberry (Bog) Shandy? Sign me up!” — Eric P.

“Very nicely done, the sweet and sour balance each other out nicely, with some slight wheat hint in the finish, alcohol is definitely hidden.” — Bryan M.

“Better than The Bog. Great beer. Too bad I live near Pittsburgh.” — James O.

“Better than I expected! Yummy!” — Nick P.

“Definitely not my typical style but this has proven to be very good.” — Brandon S.

“It was a very good beer.” — Abby S. (Not Frank Sinatra?!?)

“Imperial goodness.” — JR M

“Merry Christmas” — Dave S.

“Solid.” — Dave S

“Gotta rate this one high. Can’t go back to The Bog now.” — Mike T

“Solid. Just a bit sweeter than Nectar of the Bogs.” — Alyssa C.

“How 8% alcohol got this deeply covered I do not understand but it was tasty ‘kick your ass’ juice.” — Tim G.

“That’s a dangerously good shandy….keep that one coming.” — Shawn M.

“Definitely more of an alcoholic cranberry soda feel than a beer. But fruit comes through and it’s not cloyingly sweet.” — Josh

“The Bog on steroids.” — Jake G.

“One of the more interesting beers I’ve had. Actually quite complex.” — Mike V.

“I would take this over cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, 100%.” — Debra W.

“Not as tart as The Bog. Really easy drinking for 8%.” — Steve B.

And now… all of the reviews with wordplays on the name of the beer!

“The beer was good-good.” — Matt N.

“That Cranberry is Good Good.” — Greg N.

“It’s certainly good good!!” — Peter D.

“Oh yeah! So Good Good!” — Bill M.

That Cranberry Good Good releases on Saturday along with Grapefruit Crushin’ It at noon from the Brewtique. Don’t miss it!