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“I'm sure this beer would make a stellar beer slushie on a hot sunny day."

That Cherry Lime Good Good

Cherry? Goooood. Lime? Goooood. Imperial ABV levels? Goooood.

See, what you gotta do is, take a retired fan-favorite like Foreshore Shandy and kick it up a notch.

So, we did. 

Gotta get some of That Cherry Lime Good Good this weekend!

Back in November of 2018, we released our first “imperial shandy”: That Cranberry Good Good. Essentially The Bog with more alcohol, we were surprised we hadn’t thought about it sooner. Our fans loved it, and we did a re-release the following year.

Since summer and shandies go hand-in-hand, we decided to take our former kick-off to shandy season, Foreshore, and give it the imperial treatment.

“Foreshore Shandy was always a very popular kickoff to shandy season,” Innovation Director Brian Hink says, “always coming out a month before The Bog as a sort of a lead-in to summer.”

Last year, we made the difficult decision to set Foreshore aside for a while and try our hand at another shandy, and The Purp was born.

“The Purp proved to be very successful so we rolled with it again this year,” Brian says.” But Foreshore was always too good to just let die off, so we made the Foreshore-inspired Tiny Drink Umbrella last summer, and when we were planning out this spring, we thought it would be fun to do an imperial version of it based on the success of Cranberry Good Good.”

Everyone around the brewery was down with that idea — particularly the designer of Foreshore Shandy, Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg.

“Foreshore was such a delightful brew to sip upon as the spring sun turned warmer,” Courtney says. “When we were discussing brews for the Tasting Room-only program, a big brother/sister for Foreshore Shandy this spring was a no-brainer!” 

Lab Manager Lauren Appleman was all about the idea, too.

“Cherry and lime are a match made in heaven,” Lauren says. “Add in alcohol and it’s even better!”

We’re still not entirely sure that imperial shandies are a thing — there are beers that follow the formula but don’t use the name –, but, when you’ve got someone on the staff with the title of “Innovation Director”, he’d better earn his keep by coming up with new stuff.

“I still haven’t seen any,” Brian says, “but there are plenty of other imperial fruit sugar bombs out there that aren’t classified as shandies. One magical equation right now is beer + fruit – beer flavor = flavortown, so making high ABV sugar fruit bombs is nothing new to the craft beer world.” 

We made some slight changes to the recipe for Foreshore Shandy for That Cherry Lime Good Good, but all in the name of balancing things out a bit in the higher-alcohol environment.

“It’s double the cherry and double the lime,” Brian tells us, “but we kept the back sweetening the same so that the beer comes across as more balanced and a little less sweet, thanks to the lime’s acidity shining through a touch more.”

Ultimately, Brian’s pleased with how this beer turned out.

“It’s got a ton of lime character, and I do enjoy me some lime,” he says. “It’s also pretty well balanced —  or at least as balanced as a high ABV sugar fruit bomb can be — and that balance is very nice. That Cherry Lime Good Good is definitely not as sweet as our other shandies, which is the standard we set when we released That Cranberry Good Good.”

Lauren would have loved to share That Cherry Lime Good Good with her mother.

“I’m sure she would love it,” she says. “Unfortunately, she is back home in central PA and we are both being responsible and social distancing so I will only be seeing her through Facetime. I guess she will have to settle for living vicariously through me while I drink them all up.”

And Brian is really looking forward to a return to normalcy.

“I wish we had the Beer Garden open and could throw this on the slushie machine,” he says. “I’m sure this beer would make a stellar beer slushie on a hot sunny day.”

That Cherry Lime Good Good releases on Friday in the Brewtique. Four-packs are $14.99+tax and can be ordered online for curbside pickup or home delivery. Don’t miss it!