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“More like That Cherry Lime Great Great!”

That Cherry Lime Good Good is Back!

It’s back by popular demand — That Cherry Lime Good Good!

A tart and zesty wheat ale sweetened to perfection, this is an Imperial version of Foreshore Shandy, a much loved, retired brew. The cherry lime shandy you know and love, just a whole lot bigger.

Releasing at noon on Friday, you’ll only be able to find this one in our Tasting Room and Brewtique.

Read what folks are saying!

“Nice cherry shandy with a boozy zing.” — John M.

“More like That Cherry Lime Great Great!” — Kiki M.

“My last one. Definitely got sweeter with age. More pronounced lime notes. Delicious and refreshing.” — Mark L. 

“Cherry goodness.” — Ronny J.

“I don’t know why this got bad reviews…this is delicious.” — Chris M.

“Soo smooth for 8%.” — Dave R.

“Crisp and sweet, but not too sweet. Subtle cherry notes and tartness of lime. Couldn’t even tell it’s 8%.” — Mark L. 

“Reminds me of a jolly rancher!” — Rob G.

“Good good.” — Mackenzie A.

“Really sweet and way too easy to drink at 8%.” — Todd P.

“I got mostly cherry flavors with a splash of lime, mostly sweet all the way through w/a hint of sourness. Dangerous drinkability at 8.0%.” — Dominic C.

“Amazing, never tasted anything like this!” — Keegan R.

“Sweet in the beginning and finishes off very tart.” — Jason G.

“It’s good to have friends that don’t mind driving for good beer. This is delicious 🥰🍒🍺.” — Katie S.

“Instantly became my favorite beer!” — Jeff P.

“Tastes like summer 😎.” — George F.

“Just like Foreshore, one of my favorite beers. Full of cherry and lime flavors, very delicious.” — Josh D.

“DELICIOUS” — Frank S.

“A high octane cherry lime shandy that can’t decide whether to go sweet or sour. Stays light and balanced despite the 8%. Slight saccharine note.” — David W.

“Woohoo, I’m the first check-in. Released today, just in time for this hot day!” — Jeff D.