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You’ve always been true-to-style, and so is Cape May IPA. Start your year off true to yourself.

Ten Reasons to Start 2019 with Cape May IPA

2019 is young enough that you’re still writing 2018 and will be for another few weeks. You’re probably still forming your New Year’s Resolution, or you may have even broken it already.

Either way, you’re probably trying to start off the new year on the right foot. New year, new beginnings, new you.

Invite Cape May IPA along for the ride. And we’ve got ten reasons why you should.

JF20419310. Cape May IPA is all about balance — balance between the malt and the hops. And that’s what you’re looking for in a new year: balance.

9. It’s the go-to-iest of go-to brews. Cape May IPA pairs well with everything from burgers to seafood, so, no matter your diet resolutions for the new year, our flagship IPA has a place at your table.

8. In the dead of winter, you may find yourself wishing for summer days and great times at the Jersey Shore. Nothing reminds you of those great times better than the O.G. IPA of South Jersey: Cape May IPA. It’s the beer that’s Crafted on the Cape.

7. If the holidays haven’t brought friends and family to you from near and far, make a point of it in the new year. Crack open a fresh Cape May IPA and toast to your friendships.

6. Luckily, you can find Cape May IPA nearly everywhere we distribute. Whether it’s at your favorite liquor store, bar, or restaurant, our flagship brew is all the places you want to be and half the places you’d never expect.

5. At an ABV of 6.3%, it’s right in that ABV sweet spot: not so heavy that you’re going to be asleep after two beers, but not so light that you’ll be wondering if you drank anything at all. That’s exactly what you’re looking for in January!

4. You’ve always been true-to-style, and so is Cape May IPA. Start your year off true to yourself.

3. Cape May IPA is just hoppy enough. Clocking in with an IBU of 63, it’s right in the middle of the bitterness scale, perfect for these cold days of winter.

2. It’s tradition. It’s the first beer we ever brewed, the first beer we ever sold, and, in all likelihood, the first beer of ours you ever drank.

1. New year, new you? Naah. Don’t be one of those posers — we all know they’re never going to change. And neither is Cape May IPA. One of our most consistent brews, it’s remained substantially unchanged since the first time you sipped it. Much like yourself, that’s why people keep coming back for more.