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“There isn't too much going on with this beer and that’s not a bad thing.”

Tan Limes

There’s something to be said for simplicity. (Obviously, though, not a lot.) And when the weather turns warmer, the last thing you want in life is complexity.

Particularly in the humid bogs of South Jersey.

Keep it clean. Keep it simple. Keep it ridiculously drinkable.

TanLimes3“There isn’t too much going on with this beer and that’s not a bad thing,” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman.

A Mexican lager with lime and Cape May Sea Salt. That’s it. That’s the whole kit and kaboodle.

(What is a kaboodle?)

“We thought it would be a fun beer to do right at the top of the season,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, “and I think that’s exactly what happened here.”

Earlier in the year, we released Cape May Lager: a good, simple, bring-everyone-together-and- sing-We-Are-the-World type of beer. Good for all (legal) ages, it’s as appropriate to drink on Independence Day as it is on Thanksgiving.

However, maybe you want something a little lighter on, say, Cinco de Mayo. Or to pair with your guac and chips. Or lying by the pool, soaking up some rays, remembering how beautiful life can be when you’ve cast your worries aside and embraced the simplicity of existence.  

“Tan Limes is really designed for hot weather drinking,” Brian says, “extremely light-bodied, super refreshing, zesty and lively without bogging down your palate, really a fun little ditty that I think is simple enough to not overthink and just enjoy a cold one.”

And we didn’t overthink this recipe. Pilsner malt. A bit of flaked corn. Bravo hops. Bohemian lager yeast. Lime juice. Cape May Sea Salt.

This is about as simple as it gets.

“The star of this beer is its supreme drinkability,” Brian says. “The Cape May Sea Salt and lime take center stage here, with the hops barely perceptible and the malt bill staying completely out of the way.”


It’s as perfect for drinking with a shot of your favorite tequila as it is cooling down out on the golf course. And with a 4.5% ABV, you’ll be able to drink responsibly.

“This beer is so refreshing and approachable,” Lauren says. “I can see myself sitting on the beach sipping a few of these or hanging out with friends playing yard games while crushing this beer.”

Brian agrees.

“This beer was designed for crushing back in the hot sun with some friends,” he says, “probably grilling and watching baseball, maybe on a boat if you’re the boating type. You know — stereotypical summer activities.”

This is the perfect brew for drinking at a bar on Beach Ave. in Cape May, chowing down on some fish tacos. (Ask Sales Manager Richie Rallo where to find the best ones!)

“Honestly, I’m not sure who wouldn’t enjoy this beer,” Brian says. “Maybe the beer drinker who drinks nothing but barrel-aged imperial stouts, but otherwise I think everyone is going to enjoy drinking Tan Limes.”

Lauren is regretting the decision not to can this brew.

“I’m actually a little bummed that Tan Limes will be draft-only,” Lauren says. “This would have had an awesome beer to have all summer long.”

Tan Limes releases Thursday, May 2nd for distribution and the next day in the Tasting Room, just in time for all of your Cinco de Mayo revelry. See you then!