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It’s light and tastes like summer.

Tan Limes Reviews

One of the great things about working at a brewery is that we get to taste test everything that we make before it goes out for release.

Tan Limes is no exception. And everyone has been loving the fresh and zesty lime flavor with a hint of Cape May Sea Salt.

We decided to hit up the Brew Crew to find out what it is that they all love about it.

Check it out!

IMG_6629I drank three-quarters of a pint in one sip! — CEO Ryan Krill

I just so happen to have plans that involve being down in the Tasting Room for a beverage or two this weekend, and I’m looking forward to enjoying some Tan Limes myself and picking some up to share. It seems like a beer best consumed while chilling with friends. I could see it pairing well with my softball team’s summer season, particularly accompanying casual post-game analysis (hopefully recapping some wins). — Event Crew Jenna Tesauro

The beer is a great balance of lime and lager! Lots of flavor but not overpowering with citrus, going to love this one on the water. My grandfather’s birthday is May 5th — we call it Cinco de Marty — so I’ll pour one out for him. — Events Coordinator Randi Friel

The perfect summer beer. Super refreshing. Hope everyone loves it as much as we do in production because I want this all summer long. — Packaging Operator Dominick Morgenstern

Tan Limes is like being at a Jimmy Buffett concert on the beach in Anguilla surrounded by 80° cobalt blue waters and warm breezes. — Guest Guru and Packaging Operator Paul Greer

Loved the Tan Limes. To me, it’s light and tastes like summer. Perfect for day drinking in the warmer weather. — Brewtique Manager Karen Flood

Tan Limes es una cerveza tan deliciosa. ¡Muy bien! No solo es una cerveza muy refrescante, sino que también tiene la cantidad perfecta de lima y se complementa con un poco de salinidad. Cada sorbo envía mis papilas gustativas en un viaje a las hermosas playas de Cancún. En cuanto a Cinco de Mayo, no tengo planes sólidos, pero tengo el día libre, así que las posibilidades son infinitas. En un mundo perfecto, estaría teniendo una fiesta de un día llena de tacos, sombreros, bandas de mariachi, chimichangas, el perro Taco Bell, jarras de margaritas y suficiente Tan Limes para regarlo.

(Tan Limes is such a delicious beer. Very good! Not only is it a very refreshing lager, but it also has the perfect amount of lime and complimented with just a little bit of saltiness. Every sip sends my tastebuds on a trip to the beautiful beaches of Cancun. As far as cinco de Mayo goes, I don’t have any solid plans but I have the day off so the possibilities are endless. In a perfect world I would be having a day long fiesta filled with tacos, sombreros, mariachi bands, chimichangas, the Taco Bell dog, pitchers of margaritas and enough Tan Limes to wash it all down.) — Beertender Jake Hauser, who, apparently, is fluent in Spanish

Tan Limes is so delicious and refreshing! The lime is really in-your-face but not completely overwhelming, and the Cape May Sea Salt is balanced perfectly. An excellent brew for my birthday weekend — who needs Cinco de Mayo? — and for the rest of the summer! — Content Marketing Coordinator Scott Armato


Tan Limes is THAT Summer beer for me. The go-to brew for a Sunday beach day, the one I want to enjoy during a No-Shower Happy Hour with friends, the barbecue beer to pair well with fresh Jersey corn and chicken on the grill, the brew for the dock after a sunset boat ride, the beer I want to tailgate a Phillies game with. It’s simply the perfect beer for the hot and humid days of a South Jersey summer. The lime juice and a kiss of Cape May Sea Salt have a beautiful relationship with the straightforward and clean Mexican-style lager. — Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg

Tan Limes is so incredibly refreshing! I can’t wait to get my hands on more of this beer. It’s the perfect amount of lime, smooth, and oh, so delicious! — Packaging Manager Mark Graves

Tan Limes checks every box for the perfect summer, easy-drinking, refreshing brew. The lime and sea salt is a perfect blend to usher in the summer. It leaves me longing for warm summer sunshine and beach days — they can’t get here soon enough! — Marketing Director Alicia Grasso

Tan Limes is out for distribution and in the Tasting Room this weekend. Check it out!