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Take Five Session IPA Out Tomorrow

Last year, Esquire magazine ran an article on low-alcohol session beers in which writer Aaron Goldberg lamented their “complete inability to get you shitfaced,” and said they “evoke sad images of slobs stumped on stools, bloating their bellies.”

The graphic Esquire chose to illustrate it's piece on the stupidity of session beers in November, which some critics called "forced and inaccurate."
The graphic Esquire magazine used to illustrate its editorial on session beers in November, which some critics called “forced and inaccurate.”

He’s right about one thing – session beers are not what you reach for if you’ve caught your  spouse having an affair with your best friend after getting fired on a bad hair day. If that’s the  kind of moment you’re in, well, we don’t begrudge you a bender.

But, if you’re looking to “day drink your face off while still being able to function” says Lead Brewer Brian Hink, sessions are the piece de resistance to a relaxed afternoon.

During World War 1, “sessions” referred to the periods in which around-the-clock shell production workers were allowed to take a break and throw a few back. Course, they couldn’t return to work smashed, so they chose beers with low-alcohol content, ie sessions.

Today, these clean-finishing brews still have an ABV of 5% or less. And our Take Five  Session  IPA, being released tomorrow as the fifth in a six-new-beers-in-six-weeks-series, fits  the bill.

“I cannot wait for it,” Brian says. “It’s only about four percent, but super hoppy. It’s the kind you down in two sips before thinking: ‘Where’d my beer go?’ It’s just that drinkable.”

You could even drink it at work.

“Just not work at CMB,” adds Chief Operating Officer Chris “Hank” Henke.

A January article in Outside magazine took a much different position than Esquire, declaring sessions the beer of choice for snowboarders, surfers and skaters who can’t have a hangover crippling a workout.

Whatever camp you fall into – seasoned athletes or “slobs stumped on stools” – you’re welcome to take five (see what we did there?) at CMBC.

Just don’t drool on our bar.