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“The stars aligned."

Watermelon Wheat in CANS!

Deciding which legacy beers to nix and which to bring back is a difficult process.

We know you have favorites. So do we. However, after eight years of brewing and, at the moment, 381 beers on Untappd, we simply can’t brew them all. If we tried, we’d never sleep and you’d only get one pint of every beer.

No one wants that.

Furthermore, we need to have the chance to brew up your next favorite beer. That’s the nature of the industry: if craft beer drinkers wanted to drink the same thing day in and day out, we’d brew nothing but Cape May IPA. 

But you don’t. And neither do we.

So, each year, some beers end up on the chopping block — sometimes, some long-held favorites. It’s disappointing, but we have to do it.

Watermelon Wheat almost didn’t make the cut. Almost

But, through a series of unexpected events — and a few champions throughout the brewery — not only is it back, but we’re canning it up for the first time — just in time for National Watermelon Day on August 3rd.

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Watermelon Wheat

If you’ve ever been to a production brewery, you know that it’s one of the most wonderful-smelling places on the planet. Seriously. Walk into our production facility one day — escorted, of course — and simply stand there and inhale.

It’s heaven.

There’s once each year that it smells better. One time each year where the aromas from the production floor are even more intoxicating than the beer.

That’s the day we juice up our Watermelon Wheat.

Everyone gets involved, chopping up some 2,700 watermelons and adding them to the gigantic watermelon frappe we’ve got going on.

Watermelon Wheat releases August 3rd — National Watermelon Day! It’s suggested that, in order to celebrate National Watermelon Day, you have watermelon with every meal.

We suggest having Watermelon Wheat with every meal. Even brunch. Why not?

Check out the pictures below! They’re not scratch-and-sniff, so you won’t be able to smell anything, but… take our word for it.

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Really drawn to most everything this brewery has to offer.

What People Are Saying About Watermelon Wheat

Our Watermelon Wheat is one of our most-anticipated brews of the summer. And for good reason! Not only is it refreshing and delicious, it’s made with fresh watermelons for that straight-from-the-vine taste.

CMBC fans go crazy over this brew. Literally insane. It’s like a Tom Jones concert meets a British soccer match up in here. We need to bring in fainting couches and smelling salts.

Take a look at what our fans over at Untappd had to say about last year’s batch. This year, you’re bound to love it more than you have in previous years, if that’s even possible.

Swing down to the brewery and give it a try!

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Mmmm… Watermelon….

Juicing day for our Watermelon Wheat is one of our favorite days of the year. Not only does the brewery smell like a watermelon patch, but… well… let’s just say that not all of the watermelon gets into the beer. It’s one of those days that plays on all of our senses.

Jimmy only got one slice. “I’m a busy man,” he says.

Busy making killer brew, that is!

Four pallets of watermelons went into the brew this year. Four freakin’ pallets. Not including the rinds — because who wants that in their beer? — that’s about a ton of watermelons. 2,000 pounds.

It took about 5 hours with two people cutting and one person mashing. We picked them up from Tony’s Produce up the street in the Villas, and, of course, they’re seedless watermelons. No one wants to pick seeds out of their beer!

Check out the sweet stuff in the video below, and try to resist the urge to drink all of the beer. Actually, don’t try to resist the urge. Come down to the brewery!

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