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“Pucker up!”

People are Talking About Tower 23

There’s so much history around Cape May it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. But… that’s how we like it. It gives us a wealth of possible names for brews.

Case in point: Tower 23.

Part of Fort Miles, the system of harbor defenses of the Delaware Bay, it was one of 15 towers stretching from North Wildwood to Bethany Beach, DE, used to aim coastal batteries at German ships and submarines.

That sounds like a great name for a soured Berliner Weisse!

CMBC’s Tower 23 is a little more approachable than its namesake. Generally considered a “gateway sour,” it’s the perfect beer to quaff if you’re not yet sold on sours, even though you’ve been hearing so much about them lately. Like a cold and fizzy glass of lemonade, Tower 23 is tart and sour, marrying a lemony-citric sharpness with little hop bitterness.

Many of the reviews we culled from Untappd say that it’s perfect for summer. And it is. So, swing down to the brewery, give one a try, and dream about a life that doesn’t so closely resemble a frozen hellscape.

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"It is a great thing to see two local organizations work together to reach a common goal."

July is Poppin’!

While CMBC is making Cape May known as a beverage destination, the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC) has been working for over four decades to bring Cape May’s rich history alive.

We’ve partnered with our good friends at MAC to bring our fans and visitors a one-night-only Pop-Up Beer Garden at the historic WWII Tower 23 at Sunset Beach on July 13th. You’ll be able to relax under the stars at one of Cape May’s most cherished historic structures. And it’s all for a good cause, as the proceeds of the evening support MAC.

We start at 4pm — just in time to catch one of the most memorable sunsets in New Jersey.

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Cape May Brewing Company is kicking ass and taking names. (Isn’t that what the kids are saying these days?) But seriously – we’ve won, we’ve won!


On January 24, 608 brews from 108 breweries across the nation were tested in Bend, Oregon by industry professionals in a BJCP (or Beer Judge Certification Program)-sanctioned event. Meaning? The judges here were the real deal, having qualified for their positions via exams on this 66-page(!) study guide.

In the category of Imperial IPA, our Coastal Evacuation — a Centennial-hop heavy beer that will have you evacuating your home to hit our tasting room (badum-ching!) — scored a silver medal, besting 27 other entries. “It’s a pretty cutthroat category, so we’re thrilled,” says brew master Brian.

Another winner was our light and refreshing Tower 23, which earned silver in the Berline Weisse group. Little known fact? This is the beer that almost never was. “Brian wanted to do this for so long,” says Chris. “I told him ‘no’ for about six months before I finally said, ‘OK, this is how we’ll do it.’” There’s a lesson there, kids — if at first you don’t succeed… keep trying until you get a kickass beer.

Finally, our most popular pint, Devil’s Reach, took home a bronze in the Belgian Golden Strong Ale class.

“It’s something every brewer wants to do — win awards,” says Brian. But we know that his real motivation is more warm and fuzzy than that. “To make the best product, you have to really care about it. When you’re brewing beer, it’s important that your heart be in it.”

Cheers to your favorite liquid labor of love.

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