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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
"...hanging out with some friends enjoying some good times. That’s the essence of the shandy."

The Purp is Back – This Time in Cans!

The Purp is one of those beers that doesn’t seem real at first. Either you were one of the lucky few who had it during its first venture into our Tasting Room and out on draft in 2019, or you’ve heard people talk about it in its last two years of release.

Well, now you can snag some of your very own to enjoy – even from home! That’s right folks, ~for the first time in forever~ (ok, the first time in two years), The Purp is getting its own can release and scaled up distribution release! The fun starts this week, with a release in the Tasting Room and Brewtique today, May 14th, and cans will be popping up at some of your favorite stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania starting May 17th. Our friends in Delaware can expect to see these bright purple cans the following week, starting May 24th!

Want to know more about this fabulous brew?

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“I think what we do here really shines in the shandies. As far as the quality of our beer, I think it shows heavily in those. Even though they’re fruited, it’s still a straight-forward beer. There’s not a ton to hide behind."

Strawberry Sunset Is Back!

Shandies. You love them, we love them. I mean, obviously we love them. After all, we’ve released eight different shandies, including our imperial versions, many of which have graduated to yearly staples!

This month is a good month for shandy fans. We currently have The Bog and The Grove out and about, as well as 4-packs left of That Cherry Lime Good Good, and two new releases this month: Strawberry Sunset this week and The Purp later this month! 

To get some more information on how the shandy magic happens in the brewhouse, we reached out to Lab Manager Lauren Appleman and Brewer Brad Young.  

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"It’s the perfect purple beverage.”

Get me some of That Grape Good Good

Remember that old commercial from the 80s, featuring some kids, after school, rummaging through a refrigerator looking for something to drink?

“Well, we’ve got soda… OJ… some purple stuff….”

(No? Just us? Are we dating ourselves?)

Anyway, this is that purple stuff!

We took our delectable grape shandy, The Purp, and turned it up a notch, added it to our imperial shandy line, and called it That Grape Good Good, available Friday, only in the Tasting Room!

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“This is dangerous, it tastes kind of like a grape slushy and goes down smooooooooooth.”

The Purp Reviews

The reviews are in, and people are loving The Purp!

The Purp is our grape shandy, and it tastes exactly like your favorite grape soda. Like… exactly. It’s sweet, tart, and full of Concord grapy deliciousness.

However, when you throw in a 5.0% ABV, you know that this grape soda should be kept far, far away from your childhood.

Read what people are saying!

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You know that extra liquidy, sticky juice in the bottom of the paper cone cup that you drink up after chewing through the crushed ice on the Boardwalk? I think it tastes like that.

The Purp

As the days start getting longer and the weather starts getting warmer, it’s time to turn our heads from those “winter warmers” and start looking toward our refreshing, springtime beers. As such, it’s the perfect time for a nice, sweet shandy.

Be sure to catch The Purp.

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