It’s cold.

Like… soooooo cold….

Granted, Cape May is a little warmer than the -6° in Madison, Wisconsin right now, but bear in mind that we’re on a little, tiny cape jutting out between the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay: the wind whipping through the Cape May Airport is nothing short of life-draining.

It’s cold.

We wish we had the foresight to winter somewhere warmer. Somewhere south of the equator, perhaps. Somewhere down under. Where it’s summer.

Instead, we brewed up a crushable pale ale with Citra and Moteuka — one of our favorite New Zealand hops with big citrus notes of tropical fruits and lemon zest — and a kiss of Kiwi juice as a nod to the Kiwis down under.

And, just to make sure everyone wishes they were relaxing on Piha Beach or exploring terrain that makes you think you just stepped into a Tolkien novel (or, at the very least, the Peter Jackson film adaptation thereof), we called it Summa Down Unda.