Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen our packaged beer sales far outpace what we thought they’d be, so we needed to bring on some extra hands in the packaging department. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go much further than our very own Tasting Room to find the perfect candidate.

“Sean found us during open interviews this past summer and we are sure glad he did,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “Sean was looking to get into the craft beer industry and working in the Tasting Room was a great place for him to start. He was an awesome team player during his time in the Tasting Room, and he’s done everything from Brewtique Associate to Delivery Driver. Sean embraces our culture and was always ‘Being A Pro’. While we are sad to not see Sean here at the Tasting Room every day, we’re stoked that he was able to make the transition to production where he can continue to learn more about craft beer.”

And the production team welcomed him with open arms.

“Sean is a good guy with an interest in what we are doing at production,” says Packaging Manager Mark Graves. It’s easy to find someone to do the job, it is hard to find someone with a passion for the job, and Sean definitely has a passion, not only for craft beer but for Cape May Brewing Company.”

Welcome Sean Loder!