Normally, when we present these “Q&A” blogs on our site, we try to write about what the respondent brings to the company, because each of us brings something special and unique to the table.

However, this blog is about the guy who writes these blogs. It’s about me. I don’t have the distance to write about what I bring to the company, so, instead, I’d rather write about what this company has given me.

I wake up each morning with a sense of purpose and I close each week feeling like I’ve accomplished something. When I finally hit “send” on our weekly newsletter, it’s relief, pride, and triumph all rolled into one. I’ve done something. I’ve made a small difference in a company that’s slowly making a big difference on the face of craft beer.

And I don’t think that I’m exceptional in feeling this way. I think each of us at CMBC feels like this: that we’re part of something larger than ourselves. That we’re an admittedly small cog in a machine that brings joy and fulfillment and, ultimately, togetherness to thousands of people throughout the area we all call home.

While my only responsibility is to hit “send” on a newsletter, the guys in the brewhouse feel the same way when they empty a fermenter. The folks behind the bar in the Tasting Room feel the same way when they serve a flight, and the drivers in the field feel the same way when they deliver a keg. The sales team feels the same way when they bring on a new account, and the Greeters feel the same way when they meet a new visitor at the door.

And that makes us happy. Each of us has a tremendous responsibility, and that’s to make sure that you have the highest quality experience with our product that you possibly can. And that responsibility weighs on every decision we make at CMBC, it weighs on everything we do.

We’re here to build a brewery that makes us proud. And each of us has an emotional investment in that goal.

So, without further ado… meet me. The guy whose writings you’ve been reading for the past thirteen months. Scott Armato.