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It’s Gonna Be May

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If April’s release of Bringing Sexy Bock didn’t give you enough late-90s flashbacks to last you a lifetime, pretty much existing at the beginning of May should do it for you. Justin Timberlake is EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, he hasn’t been down to the brewery. Yet. We’re pretty sure that at some point, we’ll get him down here. Particularly if we keep naming beers after his songs. Bock Your Body? Dunkel in a Box? Well… probably not. But what we do have are these killer brews for May.

May 5 — Salty Lips
ABV: 4.7%  IBU: 10  Style: Gose
The name says it all! Salty Lips is a Gose — which is closely related to its tart cousin the Berliner Weisse — where using local ingredients from the Cape May Sea Salt Co brings out a slight touch of salinity. This refreshingly tart ale spent 2 days souring in the boil kettle to lower the pH to a pleasant acidity, then had coriander added with the local sea salt and hops before being fermented with a classic American Ale yeast strain. The saltiness strikes your palate before subsiding to a gentle tart bite, finishing with a yeast ester profile of peaches and honeydew, leaving you with a hint of the ocean on your lips.

May 12 — Summer Catch
ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 35  Style: Belgian Wheat
Welcome to summers at the Jersey shore. Soaking up some sun, hot days and cool nights, enjoying the beach, and just loving the heck out of life, make sure you take it all in with some Summer Catch. Citrusy and refreshing, this crushable Belgian-style wheat ale is sure to be your go-to drink all summer long. Citrus on the nose with an easy-drinking yet firm body, Summer Catch is our new summer seasonal aimed at the adventurous craft beer drinkers, yet approachable enough to encourage the yet-to-be converted consumer. At home on the patio during your next cookout, but also ready to be sipped all night long out with your squad, Summer Catch is your new summer ale.

May 19 — The Bog
ABV: 3.9%  SRM: 12  IBU: 9  Style: Cranberry Shandy
Sometimes we’ll create a beer because we’ve always wanted to make a certain style, other times it’s to fill a hole in our lineup, but what happens when we’re making our Cranberry Wheat and accidentally add too much cranberry making it too tart? We embrace it and turn it into a Shandy. What was supposed to be a one off batch has turned into one of our top selling and sought after beers, one that come end of spring we can barely keep in stock. The Bog has become the definitive South Jersey summer beer, a tart cranberry wheat beer blended with lemonade to create an uber-drinkable summer shandy. Designed to enjoy on those sweltering days, this beer is light and refreshing while still packing tons of flavor.

May 26 — Beets by May
ABV: 5.0%  IBU: 40  Style: American Pale Ale with Beets
The Bavarian Purity Law may reign in Germany, but here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., we put whatever we damn well please into our beer!  Couple this with our love of local Jersey ingredients — in this case, red and yellow beets — and you have our latest experiment with certified “Jersey Fresh” ingredients: Beets by May.  This classic American Pale Ale is specifically designed around the semi-sweet, earthy flavor of fresh beets, complemented by notes of pine, fresh grass, and a touch of orange citrus from the Bravo, Target, and Chinook hops.  Topped off with a distinctive color you can see from across the bar, this one simply can’t be missed!

Also back on tap and in bottles… APPLE BOMB! We know, we know… we let you down by not having it on tap the past few times you’ve been here. We’re ashamed and horrified. We’re pretty sure it’s why JT hasn’t visited, either.

Gose? I hardly know her!

Once upon a time, the Germans, in their never-ending-and-slightly-maniacal quest for purity, passed the Reinheitsgebot. Usually translated as the “German Beer Purity Law,” this act limited the ingredients of beer to water, barley, and hops.

Salty Lips, Salty Brew

Could you imagine? This was 1516 in Bavaria. If you ever get around to finishing that time machine you’ve been working on, maybe skip medieval Bavaria.

While the Germans were attempting to put the kibosh on anything with flavor, the small mountain town of Goslar collectively raised its hand and said, “Hey, guys…? Um, we make this really awesome beer with coriander and salt, then we sour it. It’s kinda the bomb. You really should try it. So… how about you step off?”

And they did. They stepped off. They gave them an exemption. They let little Goslar make its beer.

And there was much rejoicing.

Thankfully, modern beer philosophy has been spitting in the face of the Reinheitsgebot for quite awhile. Craft beer is kinda like Thunderdome: lawless, with a shirtless Mel Gibson and Tina Turner attempting to cling to relevance.

So, we came up with Salty Lips. We let it sour in the boil for two days before adding coriander and sea salt, then we ferment it with a classic American Ale yeast. With hints of honeydew and peaches, its meager 10 IBUs guarantee a curious lack of hops flavor. You’ll gose crazy over this beer.

IMG_7638And that’s not just any sea salt in Salty Lips: it’s Cape May Sea Salt.  Hand-harvested using traditional methods, Cape May Sea Salt comes from water gathered from the Atlantic Ocean at select locations in South Jersey. At their state-of-the-art greenhouse, the water is exposed to plenty of sun and carefully controlled temperatures, crystallizing into beautiful and flavorful salts.

“Anyone who’s ever taken a dip in the ocean knows the salty flavor left on your lips” says Lead Brewer Brian Hink. “Our Salty Lips is reminiscent of that — you get just a touch of salinity on your lips before the tartness comes through, finishing with a dusting of fresh sea salt back in your mouth.” After one sip, you’ll feel like you just stepped out of the ocean.

Swing down to the Tasting Room when it drops on Thursday and give it a try. Or, maybe, if you get that time machine up and running, keep coming back.

And, when you do, give a quick thanks to the people of Goslar.

There will be much rejoicing.

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