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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“Our growth was a function of maturity.”

Brewbound Live and a Rising Star!

This week, Ryan has been in Santa Monica, CA, with Mop Man and our VP of Operations Brandon Greenwood to participate in this year’s Brewbound Live.

Produced by Brewbound — a leading industry trade publication providing comprehensive information about the beer space, analysis of industry trends, and in-depth interviews with industry leaders — Brewbound Live features beer industry trailblazers, trendsetters, and rising stars. In addition, the week highlights a range of brewery case studies, business discussions, a Pitch Slam business competition, sampling of new and innovative products, and Livestream Studio interviews with attendees.

In addition, they’ll be handing out a few awards, including to the six breweries they’ve identified as Rising Stars. 

And… hey! A little brewery known as Cape May Brewing Company is one of this year’s Rising Stars!

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"I look forward to many years of working with Ryan to better beer in the U.S.”

Ryan on the Board

There have been a lot of great things happening around the brewery over these past few weeks. Babies, anniversaries, expansions, partnerships, and, of course, literally tons of great new brews.

Now there’s even more great news: Ryan Krill was named as an Ex Officio member of the board of the Beer Institute!

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"With us and DC Brau there, it should be a fun night."


You know how sometimes you over-schedule yourself? You’ll have brunch with friends, then a barbecue at your aunt’s, then dinner with your step-mom, and then drinks with an old friend from high school?

That’s kinda how our week in DC is shaping up.

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“I appreciate what they are trying to do with tariffs,” he said in the article. “But it definitely has unintended consequences for small businesses like ours.”

Varney & Co.

From the ICYMI files….

(…that’s In Case You Missed It for the uninitiated….)

…Ryan was on Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Network, discussing President Trump’s proposed tariffs on aluminum imports!

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“Behind the curtain, it’s really about strategy,” he said. “Thinking about who we are, who we are not, and where we want to go.”

Ryan in LA

Ryan’s been out in la-la-land all week — that’s Los Angeles, if you didn’t know — to attend the Winter Brewbound Session.

Brewbound Sessions are essentially a chance for the nation’s brewers to get together and shoot the shit. It’s low-key when compared to other conferences with a couple of seminars, and less intense than your typical trade show, with only a handful of suppliers on site.

Basically, it’s a chance for people to let ideas flow as plentifully as the beer. Partnerships are made, collaborations are floated, and everyone gets the chance to pick everyone else’s brain.

Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

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“That’s how we fit into tourism, and now we’re a huge piece of it. Now I’m sitting on a panel.”

Ryan at Stockton

On Monday, Ryan sped up the Parkway to exit 41 — Stockton University was holding a Beverage Tourism Distinguished Guest Panel, and Ryan was excited to be a part of it.

Ryan was joined by Devon Perry of VisitSouthJersey.com, Larry Sharrott, Jr., of Sharrott Winery, Jon Henderson of Good Time Tricycle Productions (the folks responsible for the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival, among other things), Mark Ganter of Little Water Distillery, Kenny Ward of Ship Bottom Brewery, and our good friend Vicky Clark of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce.

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The hard work and leadership Ryan Krill and Cape May Brewery have provided in advocating the importance of this legislation with the New Jersey delegation has been key.

NJ Steps Up

Ryan has been working his butt off, both at the brewery and for the Guild, and it’s starting to pay off.

The entire New Jersey delegation to Congress has signed on to co-sponsor the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA)!

“This is pretty awesome!” Ryan says. “It tells me that our elected officials in Washington are really listening to the little guys they represent.”

We’ve told you about CBMTRA before, but here’s a refresher.

(Say it with us: “com-BOOOOOO-trah”.)

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“Everyone says you can or can’t do something,” Ryan said. “Ignore them.”

Ryan back on What’s on Tap

It seems to be anniversaries everywhere! We’ve got our sixth anniversary — where did the time go?!? — and Gary Monterosso is celebrating his 100th television episode of What’s on Tap!

Ryan sat in on the episode of a few weeks ago, along with some of Gary’s other favorite guests. This one aired live on Facebook and Channel 22 in Cumberland County, and can be streamed from the SNJToday website.

Ryan and Gary were joined by co-host Tara Nurin, John Couchoud from South Jersey Beer Scene, Paul Simmons from Glasstown, Bernard Johnson from Unibroue, Kevin Trayner from Ale Street News, and Jay Rose from the Fear of a Craft Beer Planet podcast.

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"The passion is incredible and the company has been a wonderful addition to the New Jersey beer scene." -- Gary Monterosso

What’s on Tap — Century Edition!

Gary Monterosso and What’s on Tap have been a blessing for New Jersey’s breweries. If you’re not familiar, Gary’s been showcasing the great beer from New Jersey for SNJToday for several years, and they’re poised to celebrate their 100th episode!

Gary wanted to have his best friends — and favorite beers — around to help celebrate, and no celebration is complete without CMBC! Ryan will be on the panel, as well as some Cape May IPA.

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Ryan at FoodBizNJ

On Wednesday, May 3, Ryan headed up to Freehold to speak at the FoodBizNJ conference. A day of education and networking, FoodBizNJ benefits business owners and operators in the food and beverage industries, bringing together buyers and sellers in this industry to stimulate business, educate, and inspire.

“It was a fun day,” Ryan tells us. “I think people kind of ran out of steam by the time my panel rolled around, but the morning was well-attended.”

Ryan spoke on a panel called “Wineries and Distilleries: Developing Distributor Channels,” along with Tom Cosentino, Executive Director of the Garden State Wine Growers Association; Amy Sutton, Director of Sales, Marketing & Development at Claremont Distilled Spirits; and Charles Rosen, Founder & CEO of Jersey Cider Works. The panel was moderated by James J. McGovern, III, Partner in the Alcohol and Regulated Products Law Practice Group of Genova Burns, LLC.

One of the questions Ryan gets asked a lot has to do with market saturation. Breweries are popping up everywhere, and, while we love the friendly competition, eventually we’re going to reach a tipping point.

“I think the ones who make really great beer are building a strong following,” he said. “I think New Jersey beer’s going to continue to grow, but we may see some folks fall off.”

However, everyone seems to be recognizing the value of beverage tourism. At CMBC, we certainly love our out-of-towners — it’s part of our reality of being in a shore town. But the entire industry — wineries, distilleries, cideries, and breweries — are coming to the realization that people are beginning to mold their vacations around their favorite beverage.

“The picture we’ve tried to paint over the past few years,” he said, “is that beer isn’t a new thing, and that beverage tourism is real. It’s taken them awhile to believe us, but then we showed them that 41 million people live within 200 miles of a brewery in New Jersey. A lot of those people want to see where their beer comes from.”

Of course, if Ryan’s going anywhere he’s bringing some beer with him. Our Greeter Mary Braccili worked the event with him, serving up some King Porter Stomp, Demisemi, and Cape May IPA.

“There were LOTS of Villanova alums there, and they all loved Demisemi,” she says. “Even the Seton Hall and St. Joe’s people liked it. We had a good laugh about that.”

King Porter Stomp was particularly well-received, with one attendant saying that it was the best chocolate porter he’d ever sampled. “Everyone commented on how well-balanced KPS is,” she says. “People know how difficult that is to find in a chocolate porter. There’s either too much chocolate or not enough, but everyone thought we nailed it.”

There were a few people who had been to our Tasting Room and a few who caught our recent Tap Takeover at the Cloverleaf. “North Jerseyans are VERY excited for CMBC to head further north,” Mary tells us.

We’ll get there soon, guys!

In all, CMBC had a strong day in Freehold, helping the food industry to figure out exactly how beer is going to fit in the mix in the coming years.

“While beer is an old beverage, it’s a new industry in New Jersey,” Ryan says. “Craft alcohol manufacturing is a new thing and the state is trying to figure out how to handle the influx of all these creative folks doing cool shit in our state.”

And, as long as you guys keep supporting us, CMBC will continue to be at the forefront of folks doing cool shit.

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