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People should not eat lollipops in public.

Meet Randi!

If you’ve been around CMBC at all, you probably know Randi. Her picture is EVERYWHERE. She’s our favorite model, and not only because of her winning personality and smile. It’s because she’s awesome.

After high school, she went to West Virginia University — which, at the time, was the nation’s #1 party school. So… she’s kind of the perfect person to be our Chief Celebrations Officer.

Now, she runs all of our events, managing a three-person Events team and organizing killer festivals through the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. And she’s the right person for it — with her positive attitude and attention to detail, Randi is the person you want throwing your party.

So, without further ado… say hello to Randi Friel!

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Women in brewing is certainly not a new concept. In fact, beer was originally brewed by women.

Women in Brewing

Brewing is a testosterone-heavy industry — there’s really no getting around that. The common concept of a brewer is a big, burly guy with a big, burly beard making big, burly brews. And at CMBC, we’ve got some big, burly guys.

But we also have our fair share of women working at CMBC. And thank goodness! We love our big, burly guys with their big, burly beards, but having a well-diversified gender base at any workplace is certainly a welcome thing.

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