It takes a special kind of person to pick up and move 8,000 miles from the only home she’s ever known.

Luckily, at Cape May Brewing Company, we like special people. So, when Candice “Polly” Pollock-Bell applied for a full-time position in the Tasting Room, even though we didn’t have any full-time positions, we knew better than to let her slip through our fingers.

“Polly’s previous experience, while not warehouse-related, required the critical thinking and organizational skills that we need in the warehouse,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “Also, I was slack-jawed at one point in the interview when she told me that she’d been driving a forklift since she was eight. She said that she was rusty, but after ten minutes practicing in the parking lot, it was clear that she was perfect for the job.”

Welcome our new Warehouse Manager, Polly!