Oh, those summer nights…. You’d spend them at the beach, clad in your leather jacket… falling in love with the Australian exchange student who’s way out of your league.

Summer would eventually come to an end, and you’d return to school and sing a huge production number about your summer conquests. After school, you’d all get together at the Frosty Palace to eat burgers and sip on strawberry milkshakes with your friends Jeff Conaway and the other T-Birds, Stockard Channing, Didi Conn, and Dinah Manoff, and all those Pink Ladies.

Then Stockard would get pissed at Jeff and toss a strawberry milkshake in his face, saying, “To you from me, Pinky Lee!

Okay. That only happens in Grease. Unless you really were friends with all those people, in which case, we should hang out more.

Regardless, the end of summer deserves to be commemorated in some way, and we couldn’t think of a better send-off to summer than with a strawberry milkshake IPA called Pinky Lee.