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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

You Choo-choo-choose us!

Two days, three sessions, 154 breweries, over 1,00 brews. Did you hit them all?

If you did… well… you’re lucky to be alive and reading this blog. That’s a lot of beer. But that’s how you make the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival into the second largest beer festival in the nation, and even event organizer Jon Henderson is a little surprised at the juggernaut that AC Beerfest has become.

“We work really hard to program and promote this event,” he tells us. “We were never looking for those kind of accolades when we started the event, but twelve years later we are proud of what we accomplished and glad that others see what a fun event we’ve created as an avenue to celebrate craft beer.”

He attributes the success to “hard work, love of great beer, and dedicated staff and supporters.”

Between the beers from breweries across the country, the music from Flogging Molly, Front Bottoms, and Streetlight Manifesto (among others), and the insane activities, AC Beerfest was undoubtedly the biggest party in the country last weekend.

And CMBC came out on top.

For the third year in a row, we’ve been named People’s Choice!

It’s a huge honor, that the revelers at the event took the time to recognize that we were their favorite. It’s one of those awards that mean the most to us, simply because it’s a recognition not by beer geeks and judges — though we like those, too! — but by fans of craft beer. We’ve said it time and again: we wouldn’t be who we are without our fans, and we mean it. Events like AC Beerfest get us in front of more beer aficionados, giving us the chance to get more fans. We love it, and we love bringing more fans into the fold.

“It’s the 3rd year CMBC has taken People’s Choice,” Jon said. “The people speak for what they like and the word is Cape May. The brewery has worked hard to become what it is and create great beer. It’s well deserved.”

We also won Best NJ Brewery!

Can’t beat that, either! It’s a great honor to be recognized amongst your peers, in your home state. We’ve got some stiff competition in New Jersey, but we’re honored to be considered among the best of them.

And White Caps got a nice nod, as well! It came in third place in the IPA category — and, as you probably know, these days, IPA is king.

In the Atlantic City Press’s coverage of the event, one of our very own got some recognition, as well. Courtney Rosenberg, our Social Media Coordinator, spoke of the pride we have that such a great event is right up the street.

“It’s evolved an insane amount, and we’re proud just because it’s local to us,” she was quoted as saying.

Now that it’s over, there’s even more pride for AC Beerfest. Not only is it local, but we also did pretty well this time around.

In all, it was a killer weekend. We’re looking forward to next year!

You like us! You really like us!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 6.27.12 PMSooo…. Beerfest happened….  Ho hum….  There was beer….  There were breweries….  There were awards….  We won People’s Choice for the second year running by a total and complete, crushing, embarrassing landslide….

Yeah, we did!  Wut, wut?!?  Awards from beer nerds are great and all, and, you know…, we’ve got a truckload of them…, but the ones from the beer fans are so. Much. Better. You buy our beer. You drink our beer. You love our beer. You give us awards. It works out rather nicely!

Seriously, though, this is a huge honor and we couldn’t have done it without you guys. We beat out over 150 breweries and nearly 1,000 brews, all thanks to you. CMBC fans are the best fans in the world, and we remind ourselves of this each and every day. This award is as much a testament to you guys as it is to our beer.

From the bottoms of our firkins, we thank you.

We’ve got some pictures of the weekend below….

In the video, Dashboard Confessional opens Beerfest with a toast from a special firkin of Cape May’s Misty Dawn Saison with Sorachi Ace Hops and Lemon Peel.

IMG_6429 2



Courtney and Richie show us their balls.



IMG_6398 2



Slash and Axl are HUGE fans.

(No, that’s totally them!)










Courtney and Richie pose with that killer People’s Choice Award.  These two were the ones on the floor drumming up votes all weekend while the rest of the staff left them to go sample everything they could.



IMG_6360 2



Our table.








Our Brews.








Nick and Tony from Wingcraft with Chris, Ryan, Bob, Richie, Jimmy, and Brian.

We took over TWENTY of their taps the night before Beerfest.  It was pretty awesome!

CMBC won! And other observations from AC Beer Fest

Grown men in beer mug antennae riding a mechanical bull. Twentysomethings dabbling in extreme pogo-sticking. Friends in varying states of sobriety chatting over tater tots and naturally-cured bacon. People stepping out of their comfort zones to try yoga, amateur break dancing and something called “toilet bowl racing.” Zombie clowns.

There are plenty of reasons this weekend’s 10th Annual Atlantic City Beer and Music Fest – the second largest event of its kind in the nation, with 25,000 patrons and a square-footage of half a million — was one hell of a good time.

Kristina Trinceri and Noelle Sage work the CMB booth.
Kristina Trinceri and Noelle Sage work the CMB booth.

But, as is always the hope at a beer festival, the buzziest energy came not from the good food, games and people-watching (or even the fact that this event pumps $7 million into the local economy) but from the innovative booze, much of it being poured from the Garden State-designated section of the AC Convention Center.

“Jersey’s making some good fucking beer,” said festival producer Jon Henderson during yesterday’s first session, country-rock band Lucero performing in the background. “And I think Cape May Brewing Company is making the most creative brews. They’re coming out with consistently good styles.”

Our Graphic Design guru Courtney Rosenberg proudly displays the People's Choice Award!
Our Graphic Design guru Courtney Rosenberg proudly displays the People’s Choice Award!

Because you, the patrons, awarded CMBC this year’s People’s Choice Award, we’re humbled to know you  agree with Jon. And we were stoked to hear all of the good things said about us as we made our way through  the 150 breweries and 116 exhibitors on site.

At the booth belonging to Wildwood-based company Zippy’s Bikes — where CMB bottles filled the

CMB Prez Ryan Krill finds CMB Bottles in a Zippy's bike basket.
CMB Prez Ryan Krill finds CMB bottles in a Zippy’s bike basket.

bicycle baskets on display — owner Scott Chambers told us it’s our Apple Bomb that’s super refreshing after a long,  hot bike ride. And at the booth belonging to Peace Pie — manufacturer of kickass ice cream sandwiches  coming soon to Cape Island — Joe Klaus said a Coastal Evacuation pairs great with his sweet desserts.

Even  Soctt Clark, on-premise sales manager for Kramer Beverage, told us that although big name brands like  Guinness fall under his wholesale umbrella, he’s a home-brewer with a great appreciation for CMBC. “The  company really stretches the limits,” he said.

Aw, shucks, guys.

But our favorite line of the day? That has to go to festival-goer Nick Capone. “Cape May beer is sensual and erotic,” he said. “It’s the best I’ve had yet.”

And it’s our policy not to argue with men who speak softly and carry a big hat:

Nick Capone: Can't get enough CMB beer.
Nick Capone: Can’t get enough CMBC beer.

Until next time, nurse those hangovers, festival fans, and contemplate this:

Ryan uses his glasses to show that the picture of him on CMB's beer truck is to scale. "Wasn't planned!" he says.
Ryan uses his glasses to show that the picture of him on CMBC’s beer truck is to scale. “Wasn’t planned!” he says.



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