At CMBC, we’ve got an affinity for envelope-pushing. One way to experiment while expanding our offerings? Our One-Off Wednesday series, for which we infuse an existing beer with something offbeat every hump day.

In the summer, our brewers are too out-of-their minds busy keeping up with demand to do this.  But this time of year, they’ve got a moment — just a moment — to play around with some fun ideas.

On tap beginning November 4 — and staying on tap only until it runs out — is our Honey Porter infused with chai tea. This beer already has a star ingredient — 90 pounds of local honey in every 15-barrel batch — which has earned it a coveted Jersey-fresh designation. But the chai will give it that little kick of spice so perfect for November. Love it or hate it… there’s only one way to find out.

Then, on deck for next week, we’re taking I Know What You Did Last Shandy — the beer that tastes like pumpkin pie thanks to the addition of cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar — and adding rootbeer to the mix. Or, at least, the minty herb called wintergreen that gives our homemade root beer its distinctive flavor.

Got any ideas for future one-offs? Be sure to share them with your tasting room associates over your next tasting. We’ll see you at our place.