Cape May Brew Co sales rep Justin Vitti says there are three things you can expect at a craft brewery: good beer, sarcasm, and facial hair. That last one is especially applicable at CMBC during No Shave November. Last year at this time, our male team members joined guys across the globe in raising awareness for men’s health issues by proudly sporting beards and ‘staches for all the world (or at least, all the tasting room) to see. You can still donate to their page HERE.

Photo credit: The Gothamist
Photo credit: The Gothamist

Some of our guys are still sporting this facial hair proudly, perhaps none more so than Justin,  who took first place last Saturday in the Hungarian Mustache category at the 2015 US National Beard and Mustache Championships held at King’s Theater in Brooklyn. He won’t tell us how many people he was up against, just that “it wasn’t an easy win,” so you’ll have to draw your own conclusions.

Reported the New York Daily News: “The smell of draft beer lingered in the air — along with pungent whiffs of mustache wax — as a shaggy set of deadly serious competitors sized each other up…”

One of these competitors styled his beard into the Nike swoosh (he called it the intersection of “art and copyright infringement”). Another turned his beard into a birdcage where his head =’ed the bird. But Justin was the only one dressed as Teddy Roosevelt. Because when you’ve got facial hair game this strong, you do what you want.

If you’d like to contribute to the cause — helping stamp out men’s cancers, that is, not supporting eccentric facial hair competitions — make a donation here.

The Cape May Brew Co team thanks you.