It’s rare that you hear of corn being used in a craft beer. Big Brew uses it a lot — mainly to lighten the color of the beer — but us little guys don’t use it all that often. It had been used a lot during ancient times, but it’s generally fallen by the wayside in favor of our more traditional barleys, wheat, and pilsners.

However, we’ve recently charged each department in production — brewing, packaging, and cellaring, and the lab — with devising their own recipes, and, when the cellarmen put their heads together, they decided to use blue corn as a specialty malt.

When they designed Maize Haze, no one really knew what was going to happen. We all knew that using blue corn in a beer could be done, but we were about to find out if it should be done.

Long story short… yeah. Using blue corn in a beer is totally a thing that should be done, even if we had no idea how to do it going in.