The awesome thing about the position of greeter — those friendly people who check your ID when you walk through the door — is that it’s a perfect fit for people with a number of different backgrounds. 

We’ve had teachers looking to make an extra buck over the summer — when they guide tours, they know how to educate a crowd.

We’ve had college students — they know how to cram their brains with a bunch of information.

And we’ve had retired law enforcement — don’t even think of sneaking a fake ID past them.

Our most recent greeter, Kevin Cassidy, is one of the latter.

“Kevin reached out to me looking for something to keep him busy with his semi-retirement,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “With his background in law enforcement, our greeter position was the perfect fit — no bad IDs will be getting in this summer! Kevin’s naturally outgoing personality and garrulous nature were just the icing on the cake.”

Welcome Kevin!