Forget power. With great variety comes great responsibility.

At CMB, we’ve curated the largest tasting room in the state, with 20 or so rotating brews on tap at any given time. This means we’ve set the bar high for ourselves when it comes to creating new recipes, but we don’t shy away from a challenge. Launching our employee series was one way to ensure the beer variety at Exit 0 never waivers.

Fourteen people who work for CMB — from bartenders to truck drivers to graphic designers — have each collaborated with Brew Master Brian Hink in order to conceptualize a new beer. Out of this brainstorming has come everything from Paul’s Bareknuckle Imperial Stout, infused with organic maple syrup, to the Session IPA called Maggie’s Day Off, to an English-style ESB known as Steve’s Biscuits and Honey.

“They’ve each been a homerun,” says President Ryan Krill. Which is not surprising, considering how important customer satisfaction is to everyone on the CMB team. (Okay, let’s be real, we’re all competing with one another to see whose keg kicks the quickest.)

Now, the employee series is coming to a temporary end — our bartenders and truck drivers and graphic designers need to stop researching hops and get back to work, or we’ll have no one to serve/deliver/market all of that beer everyone’s been dreaming up.

But first, being released on Thursday March 12 as the fourth in a six-new-beers-in-six-weeks series, is Justin’s Niu IPA (“Niu” is Hawaiian for coconut).

Typically, coconut is not an ingredient you see in beer, and if it IS used, it’s likely part of a heavier porter or stout.

But, as Brew Master Brian says, “We’re craft brewers; we do whatever the hell we want.”

So Justin Vitti — our most mustachioed sales rep — spent eight-and-a-half hours toasting 44 pounds of organic

Justin contemplates his new beer.
Justin contemplates his new beer.

coconut in small batches, until it was browned enough for this exotic, one-time release and it’s tropical fruit-heavy nose.

“It’s light, fresh and different, and a great kick-off for spring,” he says.

We’re expecting this to be a pretty polarizing brew, so stop by our tasting room any day between noon and 8pm to see where you stand.

If nothing else, you’ll be helping Justin win that unspoken competition.