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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
This beer is outstanding. Coconut? Gooooood. Cinnamon? Gooooood. Beer? Gooooood. What more could you ask for?!?

Irish Potato is Back Again!

When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, the ill-informed are on the lookout for little men in green morning coats and top hats who like to engage in mischief and tomfoolery.

Better-informed folks know that the best sign that St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us is the release of Cape May Brewing Company’s Irish Potato Imperial Dessert Ale!

Our Irish potato candy-inspired Imperial Dessert Ale is conditioned on house-toasted coconut and finely shaved cinnamon sticks, resulting in a beverage that is sweet, savory, and desserty — all in a can.

And we’ve got the top ten reasons you should seek it out this year!

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“A big, creamy, full-bodied-yet-pale-in-color beer made way too much sense to pass up.”

Irish Potato Imperial Dessert Ale

Irish potatoes are delicious. 

We’re not talking about those hard, dirty little things that grow in the ground — we’re talking about the confectionary that’s relatively synonymous with St. Paddy’s Day.

In fact, they’re so delicious that we’ve decided to turn them into a beer!

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