20161003_135915Her Junior year at GCIT, Emily Bowman won a gold medal for job interviewing. Apparently, it’s paid off for her, as she’s been with us since May and has impressed us all with her customer service, her glowing positivity, and her professionalism — so much so that we’ve recently promoted her to Manager of The Brewtique.

“She started as a Beertending rockstar that always put guests’ experience first,” says Tasting Room Manager Zack Pashley, who was instrumental in selecting Emily for the position. “She’s got spunk, charisma, and a passion for all things CMBC. So, where better for her to thrive than in The Brewtique?”

So, who is this rockstar? We sat down with Emily to find out.

A native of Gibbstown, NJ — within sight of the Commodore Barry Bridge — she went to GCIT for Culinary Arts. Now she’s at ACCC, in her last class to get her Associates.

Before CMBC, she was working serving tables and working as a teaching aide at Middle Township Middle School for children with behavioral difficulties.

“I applied at CMBC because I love the beer and I love the atmosphere so much,” Emily tells us, “and I figured if I was there all the time drinking, I might as well get paid for it. I mean, we were there sometimes two, three times a week.” Persistence definitely pays off.

Emily and boyfriend Bob at Eldora Speedway in Ohio.

An avid skier and snowboarder, she and her boyfriend love to head up to Mount Snow in Vermont  in the winter, and they take motorcycle rides around town over the summer. Her boyfriend, Bob, races dirt cars, so they go to a lot of dirt races, NASCAR races, and other events where where the action is fast and the dust clouds abound..

Emily loves Cape May. “I love the ocean. I love that Cape May is a small-town feel and I can have the whole area to myself in the winter.”

In The Brewtique, she says, people may not realize how much it has to offer. “People come in and they’re just so overwhelmed by all the awesome stuff we have in there, they sometimes take a second to take it all in.” Not everyone realizes that The Brewtique is the place to get all your favorite CMBC swag, your six-packs, and your growler fills.

After all, we just got that shiny new growler filler, aka Hans Gruber. “I think we’ve got most of the kinks worked out now,” Emily tells us, “and it’s saving us so much beer and so much time. It’s a great machine. It’s amazing how far technology has come.”

While she’s never worked retail before, Emily’s loving the new promotion. “I’m really excited about it. I love the company and I’m excited to grow with the company, especially at the start of this new little shop they’ve started.

20161003_135941“I want to enhance what’s already there. I think The Brewtique is already great as it is, and I just want to be able to highlight it in a couple different ways and bring out all the possibilities that there are in that job.” Is it any wonder she got a gold medal in job interviewing?

“But the best thing about being promoted is that I get to hang out at CMBC every day and I don’t have to go to my other job anymore.”

That’s pretty much why we’re all here, Emily.

So, swing down to The Brewtique and say hello to Emily. While you’re there, have Hans Gruber fill your growler with Apple Bomb or City to Shore — Emily’s favorites. Or pick up a hoodie, “I love our hoodies; they’re so comfy,” Emily says. Or maybe one of our mermaid shirts, because, as Emily says, “Who doesn’t love a drinking mermaid?”