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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“The smell of jalapeño hits your nose once you open the can, followed by a sweet pineapple flavor after the first sip."

Down to Fiesta is Here!

Sweet. Spicy. Sexy. Is that you… or is that our new pineapple jalapeño margarita-inspired hard seltzer?

If you ask us, it’s probably both. But this isn’t about you! It’s about our newest release, Down to Fiesta.

Overflowing with sweet and tart notes of pineapple, a zesty aroma of jalapeños, and freshly-squeezed lime, Down to Fiesta is the perfect, refreshing drink for both margarita and seltzer fans alike.

And it’s only available in the Brewtique starting this Friday, April 30!

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“The weather is warmer, so set your clock to island time and come enjoy our new margarita seltzer!"

Floral Fiesta Friday

Are you feeling like summer yet? At Cape May Brewing Company, the summer never ends — particularly when we’re throwing a Floral Friday!

Honoring the release of our much-loved citrus shandy, The Grove, and welcoming our new pineapple-jalepeño margarita seltzer, Down to Fiesta, we’re definitely ready for a party!

So, on Friday, April 30th, from noon to 7pm, break your favorite Hawaiian shirt out of the mothballs and join us!

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