With all that’s going on right now, it’s important to find ways to keep your mental health positive. 

At Cape May Brewing Company, we hope that there’s a chance that we can provide that for our fans. And, as we’re all stuck at home, navigating this new normal, there are probably only a few things in this world that can get you more excited than a new beer.

But, there probably aren’t that many words that could get you more excited than “double dry-hopped”.

Mash them up with “White Caps”, and it might be the high point of your week.

Double Dry-Hopped White Caps is our beloved White Caps, double dry-hopped with Sabro and Cashmere, which bring strong notes of coconut, cedar, and orange creamsicle, complementing the stone fruits and citrus waves provided by the Citra and Mosaic in White Caps.

And it’s available now in our Brewtique!