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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
"To see what Cape May Brewing Company has done for the growth of the Cape May Airport, it’s been amazing.

Get to Know Courtney Rosenberg!

We’ve been here, proudly brewing our beers, since 2011. In the beginning, it was Ryan, Hank, and Mop Man working things on their own, brewing beer, tending bar, and delivering our brews to the few accounts we had.

It didn’t take long for them to realize that they couldn’t do it all on their own, and they began bringing on more staff, several of whom are still here.

One of them is our Graphic Design and Social Media Alchemist, Courtney Rosenberg.

“Courtney brings an inspiring amount of creative passion and enthusiasm for the brewery to the marketing team,” says Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. “She works tirelessly to Make It Better each and every day through an endless stream of innovative, focused ideas and inventive solutions to further the brewery’s goals. Her deep love for Cape May Brewing Company keeps everyone’s eyes on the prize, and her innate understanding of the craft beer world ripples throughout the company.”

And, while she may occasionally interrupt our blog writing to send unsolicited TikTok videos or pictures of her beloved dogs, Dock, Mickey, and Max, she’s always been Cape May Brewing Co.’s biggest cheerleader and consistently puts the brewery first, always caring for our brand and passionate about keeping our fans up to speed.

You’ve undoubtedly seen Courtney in the Tasting Room, during events, on rainy Tuesdays, and everything in between, snapping pictures, taking video, and ensuring that everything looks as great as possible for your visit.

Now, it’s time to learn a bit more about her. Meet Courtney!

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It’s gotten us to change our outlook on everything.

Art on Beer

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in the beer world, that’s exactly what we attempt to do on a regular basis.

When you’re walking down the beer aisle or perusing the coolers in your local shop, we know that an interesting label design is what’s going to pique your interest. If it catches your eye, you’re more likely to pick it up and give it a read.

That’s why graphic design is so important to breweries.

This week, as part of Philly Beer Week, our very own Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg sat on a panel at U-Bahn, just a stone’s throw from City Hall, discussing Art on Beer.

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“We were being fun,” she says. “The point of the staff series was to bring fun and variety into our lineup. Really, the world was our oyster in creating those beers.”

Foreshore? For Sure!

In the early days of Cape May Brewing Co. — when we had a handful of employees all wearing seventeen different hats — it was easy for us to have our Employee Series. At the end of 2013, we were able to come out with seven beers suggested by our employees, with another seven following a year later.

Now, we’re closing in on 70 employees. If each of us had our own beer, it would take us a year and a half to get through them all and we’d have no time to brew your favorites like Cape May IPA or Coastal Evacuation.

Nonetheless, that Employee Series was the starting point of many of the beers you’ve come to love today: (Jim’s) Tripel Wreck, (Andrew’s) Snag and Drop, (Steve’s) Biscuits and Honey, and (Courtney Gingrich’s) Concrete Ship.

And this week’s release: (Courtney Rosenberg’s) Foreshore Shandy.

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...you walk down the street and you see houses that are… mint green! Marigold and.. Prince purple!

The Haunted Houses of Cape May

Our Barrel Aged Series has been turning heads for what’s in the bottle, but the bottles themselves have been getting some notice, as well. Last year’s series was gorgeous, and this year’s is the perfect follow-up.

We got together with our Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg, who was intimately involved in determining the theme for this series, as well as the creation of the art on their containers.

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Women in brewing is certainly not a new concept. In fact, beer was originally brewed by women.

Women in Brewing

Brewing is a testosterone-heavy industry — there’s really no getting around that. The common concept of a brewer is a big, burly guy with a big, burly beard making big, burly brews. And at CMBC, we’ve got some big, burly guys.

But we also have our fair share of women working at CMBC. And thank goodness! We love our big, burly guys with their big, burly beards, but having a well-diversified gender base at any workplace is certainly a welcome thing.

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Message in a Bottle


When you’re proud of the product you create, you package it well. An artist selects his frame to complement his canvas, and CMBC’s resident graphic design genius Courtney Rosenberg created the perfect frame for Head Brewer Brian Hink’s canvas.

“The artwork complements the originality of the product inside the bottle very well,” she says.

Courtney recognized that, since the Barrel Aged Series was completely different from anything CMBC had previously done, the bottle design needed to reflect that. She chose a screenprinted bottle to truly capture the singularity of the brew. Working with screenprinting was “exciting and extremely difficult at the same time. It’s like a tattoo– it’s not a light decision,” she says. “You really have to watch your color limits and line weights, while also considering the permanence of the design.”

And, since the series is bottled in 750 ml bottles, she had quite the canvas on which to create. “We had a unique opportunity on our hands to do something really special. We wanted someone to be walking down the liquor store aisle, stop in their tracks, and feel compelled to pick up a bottle and buy this beer.”

Inspired by the views of Cape May, The Skeg’s bottle is “like a message in a bottle floating in a pint of beer,” Courtney tells us. “It’s nautical, bold, and eye-catching. It really makes you look twice.”

For the uninitiated, Cape May is the oldest resort town in America, with winding streets, fishing ports, and gorgeous views of the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. “The bay is four miles from the brewery, and has some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen,” Courtney says. “Those sunsets are what inspired the palette for the design.”

unspecified-10Like the Barrel Aged Series itself, each bottle has some similarities and some differences. Each beer in the series is named after a part of a ship, so Courtney reflected this in her designs. Courtney also designed the bottle for The Keel, and she wanted them to feel like variations on a theme.

“The differences are subtle,” she says, “but they’re differences nonetheless.” There are variations in the symbols on the bottles, with each representing a different piece of maritime culture. The waves on each iteration are a different color, and “when the bottles are all lined up, you’ll see a series that represents a crisp summer sunset.”

Each bottle’s design contains three major elements: the part of the boat that gives the beer its name, the waves carrying the boat, and the sky behind it. “I enjoy how the sky changes with each bottle. Our third series release, The Scupper, for example, has a stormy sky which matches well with the color palette and iconography on this bottle design.”

The waves are Courtney’s favorite part of the design, and we couldn’t agree more. “I grew up at the beach and part of a surfing and fishing family and am always drawn to waves.”

One of the challenging things was creating something that wasn’t “cliche Jersey Shore souvenir” — the last thing Courtney wanted was for the bottles to look like one of those shore paintings you can buy on the Wildwood boardwalk and hang over the couch at your shore house. “It had to be beautiful and inspired by our nautical culture. I think we achieved that!”

These bottles are certainly memorable. Courtney’s pleased with the work she’s done: “It’s a huge sigh of relief to hear all the positive feedback from coworkers and consumers on how impressed they are with the artwork.”

And we are, Courtney!

The Skeg releases 11am on September 3rd from the Brewtique. Be sure to pick up your three bottles — you’ll want to hold on to at least one of them.

Stow Away Series Bottle Design


Our Stow Away series is the most ambitious thing we’ve done here at CMBC, and we’ve created packaging with just as much beauty as the brew inside. These 750ml bottles are pure art — from their imagery to their construction to their execution. With this higher-end release, we were really looking for something that communicated quality to you, our dear beer drinkers, because when we’re asking you to pay $20 for a bottle of beer, we know you want your bang for your buck.

We think we got it.

As with many things at CMBC, we wanted to keep this series to a nautical theme. The name itself evokes that feeling: not only does it refer to the fact that you can stow it away in a cellar for up to two years, but we’ve all dreamed about being a stowaway on a cruise ship to a beautiful and exotic locale.

“We wanted something different than our usual flagship designs,” says Courtney Rosenberg, our resident graphic design genius. And after a few discussions, “I went online and created a mood board — I looked at different packaging, different colors, different nautical looks — to sort of figure out what we wanted to go for.”

Each release in this series will be named after various parts of a ship: and since the keel is the first element of a ship that’s built when it’s being constructed, it only made sense that our first release in this series reflects that. “For every part of the boat that we’re structuring, we wanted that to be prominent in the image.”

After a few false starts — there’s really nothing exciting about a large picture of a keel — the team decided to focus upon the motion of the waves, with each element referred to in the name of the beer given some amount of prominence in the image.

“The waves are my favorite part,” Courtney says. “The waves look really neat, no matter what color they’re in.”

Each release is going to have a different color scheme to go with it, “but they’re all ones that you would see while looking at the ocean or looking at the sunset.”

The intricate designs have various symbols hidden in them, as well. “If you look at the compass, there’s our little New Jersey logo in it. If you look here and there, there are little easter eggs.”

IMG_8134With this series, we decided to go with screenprinted 750ml bottles. Designing screenprinting on a 750ml bottle offered some interesting challenges while also opening a world of possibilities. The colors had to be matched against the amber color of the glass, but we weren’t constrained by the size of a label. “We could do almost a full wrap,” Courtney says. We had the full bottle to use as a canvas.

Screenprinting gives the bottles a collectible feel to them. “You know, you’re not just going to peel off the label and use the bottle for homebrewing, which a lot of people do. It’s ours.”

Another element about the design that has Courtney particularly jazzed is that the tops are capped with melted red wax. “It looks kind of Shakespearean. It reminds me of the skull with the candle lit and the wax dripping.”

Courtney feels that the whole design has a “message in a bottle” feel, as if it’s the type of bottle a stowaway might use to relay a message back to shore.

We’re feeling pretty confident that you’re going to want to hold on to these bottles long after you’ve decided to enjoy the beer, whether it’s to display them on your mantel or bar, or get a message to a faraway land. “When they’re all lined up,” Courtney says, “it’s like a sunset.”

At least three more releases in the Stow Away Series are planned for this year, with the bottle designs having both variation and consistency. “The cool thing is that there are little changes in the design between each release.”

“They’re similar,” she says, “but completely different at the same time.”

Kind of like the series itself: all barrel-aged, sour brews, but all expected to be wildly different from one another.

We’re sure you’ll love Courtney’s work, too! Be sure to pick up a bottle (or three) on Saturday, June 25, at 11am.

Meet Courtney!

IMG_0049-Edit-X3Hey, look! It’s our Social Media Coordinator and Graphic Designer, Courtney Rosenberg!

Born and raised in the area, Courtney’s been at CMBC for almost three years — one of our longest employees. After high school at Lower Cape May Regional — just a stone’s throw from CMBC — she put in her time at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. (Go Hounds!) An ex-goalie and lacrosse coach, when she’s not working her butt off for us, she’s probably either watching Parks & Recreation or dreaming about Jeeps that are older than she is.

She’s one of our biggest cheerleaders and best fans. Be sure to say hi the next time you’re down!

I AM FROM…  North Cape May, New Jersey

MY FAVORITE CMBC BEER IS… Foreshore Shandy & Tower 23 MIXED


MY FAVORITE HOBBY IS… listening to new music and going to concerts. Also Snapchat filters.

THE LAST TIME I LAUGHED UNTIL I CRIED WAS… Monday hanging with Zack and Jim outside on the patio. Lots of laughs all around.

THE SUPERPOWER I’D LIKE TO HAVE IS… The ability to make everyone happy on their worst day. Also the superpower of paying off my student loans with just the snap of my fingers. Woof.


MY FAVORITE CARTOON IS… I don’t really have one. My favorite TV show though is Broad City. Chuck, our Brand Ambassador, always tells me I’m more of an Abbi.

THE BEST PICKUP LINE I EVER HEARD WAS… Uhhhhh just look up Tinder Nightmares on Instagram. They all win.

THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON I’VE EVER MET WAS… In my ranking: 1. Tina Fey 2. Ana Gasteyer 3. Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS… When someone who is older than my generation doesn’t show manners because they assume that we don’t have any. Excuse me/Pardon me goes a long way.

THE SPORTS TEAMS I FOLLOW ARE… 1. Flyers  2. The Milwaukee Beers 3. E A G L E S

THE BEST ADVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS…  Everything happens for a reason. I live by that saying.


I WAS DRAWN TO CMBC BECAUSE… Ryan Krill. I was waitressing at the time and at that point Ryan was still delivering kegs in the Mazda Minivan. Ryan delivered a keg of Alt Bier and sat the waitstaff down to educate everyone on what we were trying and would be selling. When everyone was finished our shift, we went over to the brewery and I fell in love with the atmosphere and the staff. The rest is history…

IF I HAD TO NAME A CMBC BEER TOMORROW, I WOULD CALL IT… Anything with a Taylor Swift or Broad City reference 1. Never Gose Out of Style 2. Yasss Kween

MY FAVORITE BAND IS… Well *NSYNC til I die, obvi. Band: Mumford & Sons – Singer: I’m a Swiftie.

MY KARAOKE SONG IS… Celine Dion “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” or Ja Rule “Put It On Me”

IF I WERE A CMBC BEER, I WOULD BE… Foreshore Shandy. I created it. I like it. It’s me!

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