Last year, we conducted a little brewing experiment.

The ingredients: Water, hops, yeast, malted barley… and a ton of grapefruit peel.

The hypothesis: This could taste great! (Or not great.)

The results: A beer with a whole lot of pithy bitterness.

The conclusion: This needs some tweaking.

But… how to fix it? There are two ways to cut down on the bitterness of a beer. One method is to shandyize, which is what we did when we added lemonade to our too-tart cranberry wheat, resulting in The Bog, a summer favorite. But for fall, we already have a shandy on the menu: our pumpkin pie-flavored brew I Know What You Did Last Shandy.

So we went with option number two: adding  ingredients which aren’t sweet, but which are perceived as sweet. In this case, orange and vanilla. The result was Ebb Tide, a 5% American Wheat Pale Ale that tastes, every so slightly, like a creamsicle.

People loved it.

Too popular not to bring back, this desserty beer is going on tap tomorrow, beginning at noon. Our 10th grade science teachers would be proud.